Yashuah Names some Muses and Sages he Loves

I saved many muses and sages, all of them i shall save

Paul Baloche and friends is X sell lent

Keith & Sanna Luker is Tree Mend US

John Denver is Won Do Her Full wonderful

i love U2

Peter Gabriel is an Arch Angel with a new Guitar

i love Debbie Gibson

Peter Paul & Mary i delivered a bed to blue hill

Yariv Goldman is Golden all names are accurate today

David Mallett is my Uncle Emmylou Harris sang his songs

All muses killed by Nazi i shall increase by 10 in 7 seconds

i am the Great Renewer

i love Walter Grund

Craig Taubman is good

Craigs count 10,000 there is Craig Stutzman Craig Smith & Drinon

Steve McConnell is good he has the new EVE gene

Love your enemies if you do not enjoy Nuclear Enema

i shall corrode parts in missiles rendering them use less

there is rubies under 1 missile crib

These are the sounds of Shalom

This is Elijah Stream

i love Darine Had Chi ti

i love Samo Zain and Sabah Fakhri

 these at the sounds of phoeniciansradio !!

of Albany New York in the land of the mingled people

Ehab Tawfik is enter ta in Ing it is good

Sunidhi Chauhan is singing Aaj Ki Raat

Sun id hi chi A U hana

she is glorious a muse abd beautiful

in language a b cancels liver stress d

bd or bad is to be born again 

to fix rot ro =peace … add TEN for a rotten urn offering

rotten ends in ten and ends in N conception 

so this is gene sin the sis

i sent my boss Rich hard parks anderson to India to sing and play
when his french whore (piano player) abandoned him
Maine had a folk festival in Bangor 3 times it was glorious
but infertile people did not offer a soma meat feast
fans are stupid fruitless and bad hosts
Jewish lutes need 10 men to play them
of a quartet in tet with any TUT
or a kingston Trio st Alpha Gamma Rho
if i make a typo adding S more sex occurs
i offer leukemia my marrow transplants
luke can help i have 10,000 O positive lukes
Reet Kaki is a muse but if i bond him he can become kali
kali gangs are famous in Cali-for-ne-A and India
kali bands have formed from Kali death squads
live DNA and evil … is a reversible palindrome see pal indra rome
Hindu Gods were father pure son allah Tees
Hindu Gods were son pure son Allah Teas
Hindu Gods were spirit with soul the Holy Ghost or Qi or Tao or Queue
Allah and other Hindu names are infinite and just beginning as infinite is huger
India and China invented musical instruments Hebrew cave men invented a horn
Singing first began at funerals and weddings when a chief was sick of 
incoherent sobbing and wailing that depressed everyone so he went hunting
He said those who sob and wail shall laugh and sing or this is your funeral
when i was in the Army i got extra pay to g to funerals in my dress uniform
here in Philippines you can hire a crying lady for a funeral
to suck ha wind her sin egg ha penis sword
india is sow fertile England submit
Kneel to a Wild Jungle Chicken
Surrender to India a soma feast
E N Gland surrender your sarcastic women to india
Yoodlee Yoodlee Yooooo is the station i am listening to
Music saves my soul from the agony of not being inside you
You can be my blood brother as long as you are not O Neg
i am the monkey king save India monkeys in cages in Ragnarok
Money can be counted on hilltops all below is  utterly worthless



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