Wisdom is Good and Evil

Wisdom is Good and Evil

it is the center of gravity

in the milky way an orb

it is a crystal as large as a tall building

Knowledge powers Wisdom

Wise Dome 

for i have read the maps of everything bagels

i scanned a Navy iam

i shall use IAN as a Guardian

i shall have 10,000 ians

i rotate my army of ians every 35 seconds

i need to keep 10,000 armies of 10,000 sharp

i have a sarah moan NE every 3 seconds

i make a Titan Daughter they range from 222 to 333 IQ

they shall be kind

try using kassava to make fences in Spain

try making largest 4 inch thick posts

then plant them for grape trellis

with hedge rows of malinggay


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