Elohim speaks Highly of Saint Thomas of Pleasant Street

Elohim speaks Highly of Saint Thomas of Pleasant Street

my senior English teacher was Saint Thomas

he was good and he taught for many years

then he retired and became depressed

on Earth men cannot ever retire 

or they often just die

i shall never retire Saint Thomas and God both went to the same Mental Hospital

if ever anyone is high per religious they put you in an ice bath

if you are a prophet

they blue paper even God so he can have secret meetings with Angels

the least among you is the greatest

so do not look up look down

saint thomas church is up on high street

saint thomas has 10,000 bodies today

one is my teacher

he is high up on pleasant street

he volunteers at the mayo hospital

he was suicidal when i heard i filled him with joy

he did the same for me

we are studying suicide

drew care E is helping

so now we all do stand up comedy

and i was high up on pine street

we all climb charleston hill

it is billions of pounds of nickel ore

it is possible to vent on Saint Thomas’s House the mine works

but be aware of the great flood of 2265


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