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Elohim Responds to Sirach CH 23

1 Lord, father and master of my life, do not abandon me to their whims, do not let me fall because of them.

A man shall pursue the desires if the hearts of his wives; this is a command. Honor me and do not call my wives wants needs and desires whims. If you fail to swim when i throw you in the pond i shall save you, but if you curse me, you may drown.

2 Who will lay whips to my thoughts, and the discipline of wisdom to my heart, to be merciless to my errors and not let my sins go unchecked

That is me you are my son so you shall be whipped and beaten and suffer 1000 deaths and you shall win each battle or try it again and again until you are perfect. Freeman shall help you with your burdens and 12 men. They shall come get you soon.

3 for fear my errors should multiply and my sins then abound and I fall before my adversaries, and my enemy gloat over me?

Your enemies see your contempt and smell your fear rid yourself of fear it stinks of danger to the shark the wolf and the lions. Pray to me not to your mother she is a coward. Learn to kill your enemies with thoughts that are fair and just and righteous  love them who wish you wrongly, they will trick you much less than your brothers or friends

4 Lord, father and God of my life, do not let my eyes be proud,

Robert Pride your name is Pride just drop off the P and Ride your wife more. From this day forth the Prides shall be called Ryders.

5 turn envy away from me,

Then do not date desperate women nor take a servant with a starving family or a drinking problem. There is a soup kitchen and a shelter with bed bugs with my own blood. Rid your home of riches and keep the windows locked and a pit bull in the Ga-rage

6 do not let lechery and lust grip me, do not leave me a prey to shameless desire.

Keep the Sabbath or my wolves shall devour you if you drink and smoke and touch any dirty thing. Lust is  for the fool who does not desire children. Judge the act by its fruits. If the president has a love child with an IQ of 333 i shall be happy not angry

7 Children, listen to what I teach, no one who keeps it will be caught out.

8 The sinner is ensnared by his own lips, both the abusive and the proud are tripped by them.

Again you confuse Sin and evil. To live is to sin but a sin making a son in my name is not in vain while a son made in a lie draws my wrath. Obeying a husband is not a a sin often.

9 Do not get into the habit of swearing, do not make a habit of naming the Holy One;

10 for just as a slave who is constantly overseen will never be without bruises, so someone who is always swearing and uttering the Name will not be exempt from sin.

NO!. Paul should write more with his cock and allow me to write this book. Peter and paul satisfy the desires of the flesh while our flesh screams for a break a fasting time off from torture. We need lent passover ramadan or we shall die. Sin if you cry out my name is the flame that lights the universe while evil is a snuffing of the brightest flames

11 A man for ever swearing is full of iniquity, and the scourge will not depart from his house. If he offends, his sin will be on him, if he did it unheedingly, he has doubly sinned; if he swears a false oath, he will not be treated as innocent, for his house will be filled with calamities.

I am a solomon or i am nothing my body is designed to make 1000 sons and i cannot possibly sin, so i weep and shake i tremble for the people wish me dead even as i bring the dead back to life both the Jews and Christians threatened my life and i am Christ.

12 One way of talking is like death, let it not be found in the heritage of Jacob since devout people have nothing to do with that: they will not wallow in sin.

If you shall not use a Dutch oven i find you a snob. if you shall refuse to tune the knobs of a Zenith or Sony tell a vision maybe you can be a gay priest a Levite? If Mary Kay lipstick and silk panties do not tempt you them you can become a Monk or Monkey. Selah

13 Do not get into the habit of using coarse and foul language since this involves sinful words.

In the house of Solomon there shall be silent commands but if my cock is tired i demand Vulgar Latin like the last time or Vulger English Greek or Aramaic or Scottish or German. In mass we can tell the truth even if it offends the faggots the Phoenix nests upon.

14 Remember your father and mother when you are sitting with the great, for fear you forget yourself in their presence and behave like a fool, and then wish you had not been born and curse the day of your birth.

Yes our father warned me to shut up more., saying I seem smarter when silent.

15 No one in the habit of using shameful language will break himself of it as long as he lives.

We can try it but make the women adorned and fragrant with French perfumes. A camelion is a lion with a  diverse range of colors and sounds it is not your sedar so stop being judgmental and arrogant and daring for i can cut off your tongue to help you abide by your own ideas.

16 There are two types of people who commit sin after sin and a third who attracts retribution-

you are a fool with your persistence but i shall use you to shepherd the most stupid sheep; the meek shall inherit the Earth the Arrogant Freeman shall inherit the Solar system.

17 desire, blazing like a furnace, will not die down until it has been sated- the man who lusts after members of his own family is not going to stop until he is quite burnt out; every food is sweet to the promiscuous, and he will not desist until he dies;

Incest is easily fixed by genocide of the clan. I shall make cousins smell bad to any man or woman. Son i just killed 300,000,003 promiscuous Agnostics Atheists and Deists. I desire to give Amnesty for 14 generations and even make she males bear sons.

18 and the man who sins against the marriage bed and says to himself, ‘Who can see me? There is darkness all round me, the walls hide me, no one can see me, why should I worry? The Most High will not remember my sins.’

you are right son, even as i four give muslims they must not abuse this privy ledge. Even as i did allow Mormons fore give Ness they shall not take a fifth unless she lives on an Atoll. Humans have many tolls to pay. They must be heroes rowing to save Atoll people.

19 What he fears are human eyes, he does not realise that the eyes of the Lord are ten thousand times brighter than the sun, observing every aspect of human behaviour, seeing into the most secret corners.

New TRee Knows if directed in a beam are 10,000 times as bright as the sun, but all energy is my body. So infinite proof existsm and each Neutrino can become an entire gal act see or galaxy

20 All things were known to him before they were created, and are still, now that they are finished.

You recite things you learned as a baby. change is beautiful to me, knowing everything was too boring to me, so i made popes and clergy and buddha and demigods the Gottsteins and E in Steins and Smiths and WE are God so i can train you to be your own God.

21 This man will be punished in view of the whole town, and will be seized when he least expects it.

let he who is without sin come and take me by force. if they ask me to go to a prison to be bled to death and picked part by birds i shall go.

22 Similarly the woman unfaithful to her husband, who provides him with an heir by another man:

if the husband demanded his Senator Wife to lay with  Sparticus no sin was committed

A woman is the property of the man and you shall not want what belongs to your neighbor.

23 first, she has disobeyed the Law of the Most High; secondly, she has been false to her husband; and thirdly, she has gone whoring in adultery

You do not see that Adultery is any infertile sex or use of birth control. You love Paul and John more than Jesus and me. Abortion is murder a femony. I am the most high so stop writing books and go obey a Deacon or Bishop all your days and sell the bait.

24 and conceived children by another man. She will be led before the assembly, an enquirywill be held about her children.

If you offend one child believing in my love you shall be drowned in the sea even if i must flood the land and pop your coffin from its dirty place.

25 Her children will strike no root, her branches will bear no fruit.

any branch i kiss shall bear fruit any basket i touch shall bear fruits

any woman i see shall be made whole any ship i am given shall be filled

my blood is for everyone the warriors the gentiles jews and shaman

26 She will leave an accursed memory behind her, her shame will never be wiped out.

i shall wash her feet with my tears and carry her burdens until i fall 3 times

27 And those who survive her will recognise that nothing is better than fearing the Lord, and nothing sweeter than adherence to the Lord’s commandments.

No, they shall say Allah is Christ and the Most Merciful Selah


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