Elohim Reflects on The Book of the All-Virtuous Wisdom of Joshua ben Sira

The Book of the All-Virtuous Wisdom of Joshua ben Sira is for the ice age for White Doves

But a Muslim, a Mormon, a mill lion heir, a bill lion heir,  

a G SUS, & a Pegasus are Lion Doves.

a G sus = Pa EG A SUS.

Dr Seuss is a G SUS

There is a time for all things

before a great flood is a time for SINS

before a great sodom explosion is a time for sins

before a drought there is a time for sins

sins are fertile sex acts ( marriages)

love in a marriage is ensured if my rules are followed

some men shall fear the eyes of medusa

many other men glorify in gazing into the eyes of his lover

what he finds is immortality

Chastity is for the chaste

Whoredom is for the Whore

and who shall inherit the Earth between the chaste and the whore?

surely the Whore with her abundant acts of cum passion and kind Ness

but we must clean up these whores and welcome them home

we must stop wiping out adulterers in rage and fury

LAW KEY i demand you to slow the HIV SIDS and AIDS

mercury go and ask the nox for new ways to act cell lore rate reversal of aging

fleet go and activate 10,000 more Luxor class Pyramids with trillion Watt bulbs

on my Mark GO



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