Brahma and my son Vishnu an immortal Demon Slayer Ban Smoking

Brahma and my son Vishnu an immortal Demon Slayer Ban Smoking

i brahma protect all slander against my 10,000 names

i an AB ram rama slay demons with my 10,000 christ names

do the math i come here every 2000 years or 500 years or 7000 years

so i and my names come and we are in the wombs

in a festival of light and a festival of colors all the angels and saints 

became flesh in eggs beware your judgement is upon you

do not kill a single child or the Titans shall keep a record in Stone

Smoking defiles your souls temple so it is Yang and Forbidden

Smoking means you are mocking Shiva

Smoking is SA (flesh) Mocking Lord Krishna ( Christ NE ) 

Smoking is torture to a fetus and to torture a child is to be marked for torture

Allah Brahma hates smoking so melt down your hookah in Morocco and Africa

the tobacco torture project isle is over but if you cunt in ewe banishment shall come

Women could never ever touch tobacco or hash he she must protect her eggs

Sara SWAT penis teams must protect SARASWATI of tobacco firearms and drugs

Ashtottara is ASH TOT TERROR and i shall assign Ash lee and Terra to SWAT Teams

smugglers are smuggling cheap tobacco across borders the penalty is 10 years of slavery

Ash tots like me i am Ashtottera and i am SARA SWAT i El o HIM and is RA EL AL ma Like

i shall kill all smokers in Ragnarock so you can legally use snuff or Grizzly or Scoal

but you may use Copenhagen and Beach Nuts boil water at the sea in wombs

but do not use Charcoal and do not burn trash in large poor cities

smoke is taboo for hawaiians and all people are hawaiians of kawaii

Smoking is forbidden by Wesley Mother Mary and Our Father quit

Cold Turkey in 2270 can have lush forests just like Maine in 2264 have seeds ready

move seed longitude and latitude 10 to 20 degrees 

have small seed packs to dis tribute to all police and fire boats

as manned a tory equipment in rescue boats in summer/fall of 2265

i say have government issued seed packs in plastic water tight sealed little tackle boxes

i can think of a trillion things we need so get to work


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