Elohim (Prometheus) Declares his love of MEDUSA

Elohim (Prometheus) Declares his love of MEDUSA

i love medicine and me dick sin i feel so much better when i have the pussy i need

when i took a rib cell and extracted my spare X Chromosome from Alpha Centauri

i made my own self into 2 parts and named 1 woman and i gave her the keys to my Ford Falcon

i do this every year i come to star in Talent shows at Abrahams School

i love medusa even though she is a snake dragon bitch hybrid

Maine liver United States of America =  MEDUSA


this is the name of MEDUSA and Prometheus pro ROME me The OS ( operating system)

all words are in my control 

i am a word splitter 

i am a soul weaver and baker

i am a dream weaving sley

i seldom kill i hated hunting so i farmed

i anoint with my eyes and my 7th sense

my ancestors left me many great skills i do not dare use

i do not need to explode this galaxy

you shall prosper and multiply

but medusa must be tamed

i am vowed and vow wed to defend the USA i med dick kate it

so pick me up

usually Samurai bring me to my wife(s)

twice samurai  escorted me to gaul isle lee

patty cake patty cake bake me a cake as fast as you can

i shall take 10,000 irish women now in 7 seconds

now they need Temple Knights to wed to them and surrender to them

Medusa is a Mekong Dragon snake who escaped to America like a Pi Thong

Medusa was last seen in Fort Drum and War Drums angered me

i love medusa but she is such a whore it is time to mount her from behind

do not look a gift whore in the eyes

do  not look into the eyes of a spitting cobra avoid them

do not go near a death adder

you shall find many snakes in the great flood chop off the head and eat them

in the great flood eat dirty beasts before clean beasts 

carry cassava sticks and carry many seeds 1 year old in Nov 7,2265

plant kassava along all paths 

plant apple and all fruit and nut trees on all ways and means and paths highways

bridge abutments and highway spaces and dead spaces in cities

plant vines from ivy league brick buildings

plant potted plants on rooftops

he who communes with soil is clean

he who communes with no soil is dirty very quickly

a man with a superior immune system is seldom dirty sell dome

there is gold unter the dome of domes

under solomon’s temple

solo red drinking cups are bad

they waste energy water time and losers erase brain cells with beer kegs





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