Elohim Demands Paul Innate Tours to Increase to Multiply ASAP

Elohim Demands Paul Innate Tours to Increase to Multiply ASAP

I am Ala ( Allah all ah and all LAW) genesis is ME i am here to save you

resistance is futile and shall i push you aside to rot and die if you ever slow me down

you shall walk beside me and keep up or you shall struggle in quick sand

A nation has build the Earth as a massive sand castle near to Mecca

this makes me furious for i already need to save all of indonesia

a fool builds in the sand but as a Tibetan i do enjoy a beautiful sand castle

then the slightest breeze or a cyclone blows away all human art work

i prefer long lasting ark ka texas chore to make long lasting Spanish Missions

with automatic air conditioning

i demand pollen ate hers to increase i culled bees for apathy and poor defences

i let wasps attack honey bees and the bees were cowards

also bees were not stinging bears stealing honey

production of honey was down

drones were failing 99%

so i killed half of all slow bees

now i demand them to increase

i demand 10,000 moor date palms planted below wadi dams

if there is a wadi that gets rain 1 time every 100 years

build a dam there using your prisoners

below the dam dig a well and line it with stones as in days of old

using good kraftsmanship and patience

dig the well into the Wadi below the dam until you find water

then build a large circle well cap without a cover 

then begin taking soul from behind the dam to build up roads

if you strike rock begin to quarry and build a second well 1000 feet from the first

plant 100 date palms between the two wells

use quarry stones now and rip wrap the entire dam 

when the second well is done go 1000 feet down the wadi 

dig another well and do not stop until you have reached the sea 

if ever the wells go dry dig them 10 feet lower and line with stones

keep taking sand out of the land above the dam

use some of it to build houses of bricks mud and sand bricks baked in the sun

when all the wells have water

plant figs and water them every 3 days so every 2 days they shall lengthen their roots

figs can send down roots 707 feet because i cursed them

a curse is a cur see if a coach curses you it is because he loves you

he wants you to win your contests so he punishes athletes

Allah is the greatest coach he cursed the Arabs to live in deserts

so now they are strong and wealthy

if the fig can get water 707 feet deep it shall live eternally

if a caravan can survive the Sahara they shall become immortal

he who refuses to suffer for his brother shall become dust and nothing more

the least of you is the greatest

he is in the well digging for water

some men enjoy drinking from a well

other men dig wells

Some men go on dates and spread diseases

other better men climb ladders

they specially select the pollen for their palms

and they keep their daughters safe

dates shall not self pollinate

or i may just kill them

with a dagger

as my other sons collect the blood in a bowl

for the dog that protects the goats from lions


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