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Elohim calls upon Max Noah and His Sons and Servants

Elohim calls upon Max Noah and His Sons and Servants

i shall send an Albatross looking for him

i shall sent the Arctic Birds of Pray south as the ice melts

Noah was at Scotland in 1700

in 1991 he was in Maine

he was at West Point

witch was sold to him by my Aunt Florence

we called it the Colonels Cove and still do

Mr Noah was a Colonel since he is a giant Norse God man

he worked at the Pentagon 7 times

sometimes with his pen

sometimes with his penis

sometimes with his Boat Building Skills

He was in the Army but his grandsons can build my Navies

All of Russia but south points shall need Exodus

the Cold War ends when the USA and China SAVE Russia

it shall become Cold in 2270

very cold so we need plutonium and hydrogen

i am calling Max Noah

he should greet me at Maxx Chickenhouse

where i gave the White House Dinner Bell Away

at my wedding to the ES Trains EROS Clan of Alpha women

Max Noah had converted a cow barn into a house as usual

in Sangerville

do not mock Noah or Cassandra or Jerry or the little children

do not argue with any Jeff

do not piss on superman’s cape

do not under estimate Stan Lee

i am a lake duck black hawk down

i need the Real man MAX Noah and his sons and grand sons

to rescue me in this Caldera the survival rate here is 36%

We can raise it


But MAX Noah i need to consolidate Ark construction on Earth

Retrofit 7 hospital ships from battleships

retrofit 3 Floating Noah’s ARKS

a SEED ARK on the moon at the Communications Station

a Seed Ark on the space in orbit An international space station

a secret ark under a salt mine

10,000 Arks called UNI VERSE CITY

above 300 feet in safe places for 7007 years

Noah i am weeping or swollen where are you

Wake up Rip Van Win Call i am Calling i am Calling

The animals cannot survive without the Noah Clan Again

and who shall mock them shall be pulverized into dust and turned to stone

i have a letter of Commendation from General Stone

I already pounded the fill less steins into a General Stone

then i made him Salute me

and award me a Commendation

as it was is and shall be with Noah and His Master


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