Elohim Addresses Senegal

Elohim Addresses Senegal

See NE eg AL malik

See NE Paul egg all Men the Gurkha men with lungs

Se nag All sailors birthing in sing-hannah or in the River

Si in eg Gal is good Senegal women eggs are good

She Sene O Gal goddess of the river she is 15 adorn her 

teach your daughters well for the 300 nations

Men of sin egg all if chaste i shall not slaughter you with HIV AIDS

if you want a wife pure chase her go and ask her father

bring your father

i brought Danilo to Maine and showed him my family

then i could see Ana

do what is right 

avoid blood debts and feuds

love your enemy

accept the holy spirit or open your heart

or we shall just spear it

a hardened heart is an easy target

your Golden Fleece is Norse German and Irish men and women

su nu gaul Gaulic are for you to love and lick

SEE NE PAUL GAUL IC GALS for larger lungs for running from volcanoes

the continuum ( God or ME ) in 1965 just before my conception

formed Gambia and since it has lasted so long 

i recorded it as a Nation in 2000 and the borders shall exist for 7000 years

the nation Gambia is cursed for its involvement in slavery

it is low and there shall be 1000 inches of rain

in Ragnaroc

i shall lift the curse

i have lifted the curse

Gambia must use its unemployed people and its wealthy people to form some medicine mounds in the river valley so a barns and temple(s) can be made up high use hills if they are stable. Nut trees or mango must be planted thickly on medicine mounds  and banana

no root crops can be placed on hill slopes on earth

no root cropping of pulp can be done upon the earth

plant your sacred gambian nuts in English Bar Sluts then drag them home

bag it gag it and tag it and it is yours but avoid poaching

poachers in England shall be shot in Sure Wood Forest

if a man says sow you want to wed my daughter

say ” i sure would”  join Robin Hood then

Senegal and Gambia should make a dams 10 in number and build a highway over the 10 dams with 8 high dams and 2 dams in Gambia; 8 in Senegal; and Sweden should do the engineering and sponsor 3 fenced in Game Reserves as a settlement investment in the Year 2270 and place a University of Sweden there in Senegal. The highway should connect Guinea to Jajanbureh and serve as an escape route on Nov 7 2265  up into the highest hills where Sweden should run a University a Clinic and a Mine 

Sweden should invest in

1) 3 large Senegal Game Reserves and evict all squatters and kill poachers or sentence them to 10 years in Solomon’s mine.

2) 8 hydroelectric dams in Senegal

3) 2 hydroelectric dams in Gambia

4) A UNI VERSE CITY with local workers and international scholars and local scholars a preschool for workers, grade k-12m, plus a community college offering 2 year programs to produce skilled labor for a factory in a safe place associated with the mine(s) of Senegal 

5) nitrogen fixing malunggay should be planted along all roads when building the dams it is easily planted just poke in the poles or use seeds they have 35 nutrients

6) nitrogen fixing trees may be planted to prevent erosion and soil loss

7) I suggest the university keep an egg coop with an ARK of all domestic fowl on Earth and farm fish in the 10 ponds made by the dams and teach welding to make pens then expand 10,000 moored fish pens into the sea anchored by concrete blocks

expand fish farming to the river bay under Banjul and even in the shelf

grow both salt and fresh water varieties of fish

get some milk fish and superior tilapia having superior livers from living in the polluted manila area in the fresh water lakes use carp from the ohio river they jump in the boats

Senegal all sow has smaller inlets to the Gambia River you can make small ponds large enough to control floods and farm some fish

i am excited to mine the Earth under the Senegal Army and the Gambia Army. Disarm and be mine or i shall do some peace keeping and slaughter you with a new Ebola. if you defy the 10 laws of moses you shall waste away to bones and your flesh shall rot off your body of lesions you hated Zoroaster, Christ, and the laws,  Go into the belly of the Earth and mine ans build your barracks upon the air vents. Anything you find is yours. Go and make love to all 300 nations


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