Elohim Addresses israel

Elohim Addresses israel

increase stores of kosher jerk King pick calls

it is okay for a Jewish business owner to be a jerk king pickle

i myself am a baby jerk king for making kin kin gin and wine without alcohol

i met my wife on Net Ten Yahoo

I store my junk in 7 compartment vessels

i keep my people in units of 12 then i multiply them until they are a gross

for example one man has a fetish for eating shit

he is English ( Engstrom’s Eng Glands )

i am afraid you shall all be disappointed when you expect mir rick calls every day

Rick Davee had a 4 hour erection but that is as good as it gets

here at Sesame Street

We shall eat a Russian Nuclear Sub but you already have enjoyed some of it

We ate 1001 nuclear releases already be happy if your penis still works

When rape movies do not exist i shall award less RADS to Japan

When Serbs and Ukrainians rape less i shall award less RADS

you shall reap what you sow so love Jordan your brothers

love all nations so much you send them LOTS of Daughters

i demand Israel to send peace offerings to 300 Nations

a good offering is a sac cloth for swaddling a baby

a good offering is your bitchy sister (the sarcastic one)

make sure to place red lipstick on peace offerings

I remember even the Egyptians and Meshwesh for 1000 years had peace

that was an exchange of daughters cousins and concubines

I remember when the Egyptians and Hitites the high tit es nade peace

the exchange of teen age sluts brought happiness to the land

old men were pacified like little babes suckling again

Roaring lions dropped their Mane Armor and Weapons

to pacify any man try showing him your eyes

then if you can next show him your smiling lips

then act very expensive

and wait 


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