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Dr Kilmers Swamp-Root kidney Cure

When lord wesley was 10 i was digging bottles behind a 1600 built house on John Street by the ponds factory. We were in Cub Scouts. We met in a church hall. My sample bottle of Dr Kilmers Swamp-Root kidney Cure was my favorite. I dug up 1000 bottles to study Early American medicine.

we delivered 2 newpapers on John Street and High Street. High St was not very High. Judgement shall harm Clinton. Ham in Ass sett park shall wash away.

I placed route 1 to be a kill line

mystic seaport launch tall ships to water 1500 feet deep

New England some Harbors have rivers go up the rivers and moor on Nov 6, 2265

you shall wait 7 days and keep the boat clean and hang plywood over the bows and sides

as bumpers hang 100 gallon jugs of water over the side 66% full of water so they float

if you have a canoe load it with food and tow it covered totally

in the boat have extra pump equipment and a short wave with Die Hard Marine Battery

have Solar Cells and have a roofs

launch all sailboats larger than 22 feet into water 1500 feet

1500 feet is where the circle begins

a circle of a wave is a sire cull it is the sire kill of Annihilation

the roads shall be impassable as mass panic begins in the maggots

have 7 boat launches in the Area not just 2

12 is better

place some food in secret places in your “bug out” route

one man has buried a plastic drum full of food already but its too soon

know 100 edible weeds growing in Connecticut

i did it so can you

i was born in Conn in New Heaven

Clinton is a haven but needs larger break water with giant rocks

pour low grade concrete rejected at construction sights into the rocks

Dredge the harbor and make a wall on the Barrier isle to the Haven

plant salt resistant trees plant 10,000 sacred oaks

Have the Conn Militia or National Guard command the State Parks

for a ” training weeks” in 50 states 500 prove vine says 100 die stricts 100 perishes

position men in places like this with reverse osmosis filter portable pumps

Mt Archer

Becket Hill

Chatfield Hollow

Bittner Park

West of Killingworth Reserve

i the lord Khrishna a boy did camp in Killingworth

i thought why did all this pollution float in with the tide

i shall call this killing Worth and all who pollute i shall drown

do not place troops under or east of Route 1 or they shall die of drowning

cut a hell law cop tour station on a Hill half as tall as Bear Mountain

have coast guart ships in water deep or well up rivers pointing down

strengthen bows for ramming houses

stock extra food on coast guard ships

some can be in 1500 ft of water

do not let small ships tie to larger ships for longer than 33 minutes

coast guard ships if saving people must take them to land anywhere and dump them

close (see lose) coastal business in a ” special holiday ” of Nov 6 & 7 2265″

close (offices but not stores of food water hardware supplies pliars tools )

Forecast for people to purchase many things

for 10 years increase the inertia of the economy and biomass

in mass do thesame

in mass sa choose sets all men must be fathers all women mothers

choose sets boil water in pots at the beaches

spawn all humans for 7 years and 12

mystic aquarium have more open pools and tie down debris for a hurricane

open pools allow marine mammals to escape in storm surges / tsunami

i am kind


Every Towne from the top of Nova Scotia to Key West must have a Higher Calling of Masons

if there is a rock 300 feet high the Masons must command it to build Temples

Freeman shall be so strong they can break their back each day then i shall heal it

i the lord Israel command all land above 300 feet over a stream of ocean

below is MU above is GNU

marathon is 33 to 66 feet that is the Tsunami kill zone of crushing breaks

there is MU there is GNU there is Marathon in MU and there is 35 Great Mountain Kingdoms

i shall float much debris to help save some people

i have projects for all high school kids for 77 days before Ragnarok

they shall fill 10 billion plastic bottles 66% full of good water with a chlorine pill

they shall place them on high ground

and on the beaches

milk jugs all sow can have 3 drops of chlorine and be 66% filled to float

also food can be placed in existing floating rugged coolers with doors tied shut,just set them on the porches

tie white jugs to them

all houses must stock rope and twine for 300 years

hang half full water jugs all along the pontoons of all giant river boats in october 2265

place half full jugs of water into all spare back packs and set them out in your yard

i can think of 10,000 ways to prepare for flood and tsunami in all French and English coasts

and every river coast ( moving oceans)

i am


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