Al Malik is making nitrogen fixing kassava in Binan for Islam

Al Malik is making nitrogen fixing kassava in Binan for Islam

and for Israel Jordan and all sandy places with droughts

When the Nigerians did not pay Solomon, Solomon sent a messenger

He was killed so slavery was ordered for Niggers who killed Solomon’s own brother

sow due knot complain Abraham already freed the Niggers of Nigeria who tried to hide

Abraham was killed 707 times to free the Nigerians i Solomon also died as much and moor

Crimes always have punishment it is impossible to not be punished for any crime

Privacy is impossible for the lord is everywhere and has better equipment than even NASA

Yashuah invented pews so he can hide in the pores of oak and sniff your womb

We are trying to increase the available food so we doubled growth of malunggay

We had alien ships drop off seeds and cull the crop circles they love showing off

(fusion reactor and warp drive plans)

the Asgard need a machine to speak to us in nature they have no sounds

They have finer sense of scent and of vision and of brain waves ans energy visions

Some new species of trees are forming all about to increase edible leaves

i am using islands larger than half an acre

for a new treasure hunt 

melissa my sister taught me kids love treasure hunts

bring a goat see what he eats when already full

if we can perfected kassava in malay and laguna we can slow deserts 

for reclamation even before the great wonderful spectacular flood

Western Morocco is the property of Morocco since they answered my call

the men living there all snuck there because they are all trespassing all of them

ownership is easy to assess the devil on Venus keeps meticulous records

in giant crystals as large as Craftsman Tents at Seers and Roe Bucks

i have a wrecked tangle birth mark which shows i am Elohim

my freckles ( fuck wreck kills ) allow you to count all the wars i won

the hairs on my silve rback count how many great apes i drove away

act chu ally i am shrinking 

i am on a die eh t

immaculate conception does not prolong my immediate life in this body



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