Yashuah Explains his hopes for MAY

Yashuah Explains his hopes for MAY

in May i hope to be delivered to a forbidden city

We shall need ongoing passover lent ramadan without fasting

but obese knights need a light diet

we need BANGUS ANGUS KING and we shall Bang the US

we need the fill less teens to enter into a peace treaty

to allow virgins to remain safe until a cumming out PROM-E

Virgins shall be displayed at proms and they shall be chaste

Dates need permission from a father to Paul innate

theft shall be punished

NUNS are mine and No man shall enter the inner part of my ark

unless i am his only master

Nuns shall always be in pairs for safety in Islam and on Earth

Missions to escort a sister of mercy shall require 2 knights or samurai

We shall travel by any method available to us on missions of mercy

We shall have horses and some compact cars with good mileage

Bob Dylan shall be taught in College to Electrical Engineers

If any nation fails to send peace offerings to its enemies

i shall take met tickle US notes as i dine on Bang US milk fish

i demand some Aug US Teen priests who want to be fathers

i want 3 facilities;

1) A baby mill

2) A hospital

3) Barracks

4) Elementary School

5) A Multiple Purpose Temple for all Creation

6) 12 Apostles appointed by Rome

7) Cesar Millan as a Tribune of the Dogs of War

in the Kingdom of God

8) real trained nurses as some of the 300 nuns

9) An acting Pope until i ma dead then Peace Masaya shall reign

preace and happiness shall reign as pope

He shall be free of sin

10) Saint Ann shall live for 300 years and Mother Teresa for 300 years

their replacements are in the womb now

11) monks tending medicinal gardens

12) Mayans and Titans ans Maria’s ans many from nations

any nation not sending tribute may be enslaved or cained

13) poverty but toys and books and all manner of baby educational items

14) classrooms for teaching missionaries to go and heal the sick

15) court room with armed samurai

pro rome me the US shall be a genesis ship built by the US to make a colony of martyrs

pure see US shall send a second ship to Mars to colony Babel the ship perseus

Ro mule US shall send a third ship to mars built in Germany the ship Romulus

Remus shall send a fourth ship of martyrs the Remus to drill holes with fusion fission

Bang us Fish have a gene needed for farmed fish so they shall eat more alga

Pantene champ Pooh is for cause ma knots

Jews if left handed are 5 times as likely to levitate on the moon than the fill less steins

Hitites hitting tight wives in anger do not deserve dinner or a seder or ramadan feast

i promote teen pregnancy because i have to break up half of US weddings

AUG US TEEN was a genius like Yashuah inventing Ninevah to restore women to use

Some shall have 1 some 2 some 9 EVA then all viable women in the light shall have 1 son

the sun shall be for 4 forgiven wives in all lands

kings shall be restored or enforced

Absolute Monarchy shall be Advised by Masons having Absolute Power under a King

i shall document 707 universal laws and they are for my sons

Mother Nature shall be free from these laws

Each man can select my laws or go by his own

Departure from me is called going to hell

the World shall be hell and the Worth shall be heaven

the left hand shall not know the right hand

but enter any temple as a dead man and you shall leave alive

if a man harmed a child he may leave as a small intestine Mike Robe

if he was good he may leave as a G an eGG splitting in half conceived


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