Elohim Explains Some F or ES SEX Peace Offering Words

A Paz… Galician, Portuguese 

more like pace

more like pax no bi cum so provide peace offerings … virgin wives

Achukma… Choctaw 

more like Ache clitoris or uterus la immortal ma

more like cho oct gathering for july births for optimal survival

Choktaw shall gathering together in oct

gat her ring to get her for july births in OCT feast of the nations of the people

octoberfest shall be from Moscow to Berlin to England to Maine to Seattle

to maximize survival of babes 

Alaáfía… Yoruba 

moor like ala = nurture

ala a fuck a father a son f i a penis shooting grain a womans love

i shun this tribe for a rape 

you use rubber tribe

i shall reverse this tribe and forgive them ai FA ala is now peace

aifaala = peace in Yo rub A tribe

Amaithi… Tamil 

ama is your gold fleece the pearl divers

ama ai more at mate = ma it hi

more at meet ama and bring a ring and make peace

Tamil tribe has 10,000 ill tammy i gave her cancer

dog food is the cure and then baptism at 6 flags then jewish law

The Tamil language i need a counselor in silk pant tease

Aman… Malay, Urdu 

Aman the God is Allah the infinite Brahma shiva Yashuah

Malay more at 1000 sons of solomon 

Malay more at ma lay

more at peace is possible with peace offerings ( virgin wives)

Amaní… Swahili 

Aman i = Allah’s penis

Swahili more at sex wa circle of chinese hair heal lee

Swahili more at sex wa circle of chinese hair he is li or lee Y chromoaomw

chinese is swahili golden fleece

it would be wise for Morocco to hire 1000 coolees and 1000 swahili to help fill the gap

to lower the sea and save 10 nations from total pulverization

Amniat… Persian, Farsi, Iran 

nore like Aman i am infinite ram Ala Abram abb ram rama dr drama

persian moor like pure shun = purr shun = purse sion = pure Zion ( origin of Zion)

iran moor like i ran when brimstone fell

the Irish Republican Army should find gold fleece in Iran IRA N conception

Irish are inbred and need all nations so i blighted the po ta Tao

Ashtee… Pashto 

Yggdrasil the sacred brown ash hidden by Sock Alexis of the ABB Nokia tribes

Pashto pa ash lee Tao = this is a chinese tribe who walked here

Asomdwee… Twi-Akan 

A egyptian pyramid soma = sow ma of Rig Veda we = ancestors origami paper kami Emmanuel

Two i = masons on 1 horse AKA fraternity gold fleece N conceive

Aylobaha Gafuleya… Chontal 

Ayola soul edge of the sword shepherds hook yule yes cho (sen) natal

Bake… Basque 

golden fleece is a dutch oven or a hot Stone named Stone

Ba ka E = soul immortal E trinity energy everything eternity eden emmanuel elohim

bread of life = life = peace = manned a tory marriages or pulverization

Barish… Turkish 

Bar of gold ishi stone gold ore or balls of the turks

ba soul R eRect bar auri = bar of gold in Greece

Greeks and Turks can wed to establish peace and double trade

Turks can wed island girls in ma lay shia and paul lay ne shia or nepal or burma

Turks can take for marriage i do ne shia wives to be a hero

for peace offer 100 virgin wives to orthodox Jews if they obey the laws

and if they are wealthy and a suitable servant in your family

for peace offer to trade some wives with the Albanian Christians

do not beat any evil Turk woman offer them as peace offerings

offer prisoners the women house arrest as wives of Turks

All released prisoners must be wed in 7 weeks so they have a Warden (wife)

Béke… Hungarian 

more at bake in a Dutch Oven a womb lined with the Queens English Bricks

gold fleece is the Dutch and English and island women and men

and iceland, russia, and canadians

Boóto… Mongo-Nkundu 

Bo means cock or stick or staff or bamboo

oo can mean yes oto means younger brother

golden fleece is mongolians or any sow ma leah wife or man 

Búdech… Palauan 

do ra el    lets go     for keeping the peace screw all visiting pirates ( in marriage )

do is ra el    your gold fleece is Israeli men and women


Chibanda… Ila 

chi as in Qi or key band of brothers ban dish of food ban anyone who hurts a child

golden fleece is Bang lay de shi bangledesh or burma

infinite energy bowl of food (sara) da = willing ( to wed) in Bangledesh

Däilama… Sa’a 

Dai a reference to summer solstice or day and the leader of Tibet the holy kingdom

sa is Tibetan for flesh

flesh is perfected in original sin which is gene sin the sis on mount sin ai (love)

Der Frieden… German

D is a liver german=en+gland Fry = baby fish from spawns = semen baths

Do her fry  Eden needs german sea men w/semen

if ever a tribe inbreeds too much i shall kill 100 million of them quickly or slowly

the shallow cost killed 6 million jews and 100 million German Krakens and moore

Mike Moore needs 4 island whores so he shall fine ally shut up and hut up

Damai… Indonesian 

Dame love dam love this land is damned to 1000 volcanic eruptions in Ragnarok

Dames should save the orphans of indonesia up to Swiss Hills and Italy and Venus sway leah

every nation should take 100 in do ne shia N orphans

indonesia must rape the forests make furniture not pallets

make heirloom furniture not chipboard shitboard

D ama i your golden fleece is the ama and her brothers

Diakatra… Maranao 

diameter AKA fraternity golden fleece tray sara Mary marry maranao mary ana O eggs

eat poi before weddings poi sons

the lady of the lake is ANN thong kong

but she has yet to touch excaliber

for i cannot be wed without the Vatican and Masons

Dodolimdag… Papago/Pima 

this is a die elect the dodo birds limb of yggdrasil was cut off by rats dag

pure birds are my chickens the dodo would plague them

dodo were inefficient and left eggs alone too much 

dodo were poor parents 

poor parents are brown bears i shall extinct them
Echnahcaton… Munsterian 

E-china(ha)cea Cat on ( your penis) your golden fleece is China

This refers to the Adams Family the Munsters and his pet Troll Guard Ian

know that all lies and jokes and tests i make come true

if i fail a physics exam then your exam is wrong or i just changed the rules

you shall not test your God Yashuah not shall you joke with Allah unless he laughs as you rot
Emem… Efik 

Em = blood of a king EmEm = the blood of two kings

twins lead to peace in emem in Ninevah unless the 2 kings of Nigeria send Wesley Yashuah 

tribe beaut a tribute a sacred fish basket woven of course or c-rude ban ana or wick her

Nigerians are ripe i punished them for 14,000 years and 7000 years for failing to send cash

( cash = money = seed offer rings = grain offer rings = men come to wed my wives )

emem or twins in Ninevah is a punishment if a woman murders twin girls in a desert

i shall exterminate her tribe the Efik if even 1 daughter is killed in Ninevah

you shall bear my daughters in Ninevah and you must plant food and trees now

if the Efik drink alcohol they shall die slowly and their stomachs bloat

if the Efik or any Nigerian smoke i will feed them to vultures

and rats may gnaw off their fingers and noses

Nigerians stole mother mary’s car and also took Israeli hostage

i bless the Nigerian Vultures and warn Nigeria do not send me a blemished offering

i demand Nigeria to send all 300 nations 3 peace offerings (Educated Virgin Brides)

i demand 10,000 Nigerian men to serve as slaves in America then i shall allow Abraham to free them and i shall then turn them into lawyers and judges and generals and presidents.  Now I demand them to wed Spanish and English bitches with a large ass. When they orgasm they shall say I am a Freeman.

Ets’a’an Olal… Maya 

E (trinity etc(tsu double my intelligence 

my skull is too small scan for tiny skulls capable of calculus 

tarlac state university and japan and Quezon and Taiwan is golden fleece for mayans

Mayans here = mexican natives from 2000 BC when Elohim Ram Ala had 72 wives there and they established a kingdom with 44 then 66 die stricts or parts many of the names of the 66 parts still exist

some maya sailed or rowed to mind a noah the philippines to tarlac and to japan and to quezon and taiwan since the lord guides sea fare see fair to the golden fleece in the non stop oddysee; maya must go and breed in all 300 nations using free scholarships for superior maya

maya look good in thongs

‘Éyewi… Nez Perce 

Elohim Yahweh i   penis shooting seed ( i )

golden Fleece is Nepalese for all Nez purses a purse is a vagina for placing money (beads shells tokens Tao kens penises from nepal the NEZ walked from nepal jumping through hoops of hopi

The trail to the point of hope is to be a chinese acrobat diving through flaming hopi hoops (wombs)

Fandriampahalemana… Malgache 

lanitra lay knight RA sky god king sun man RA’i is RA el AL mahana ta ma hana

fan fuck andria i am pa ha sword edge hale manna falling from the sky

go find edible food on all small islands build boats dragon boats

row to japan that is where your wives are found 

bring gifts and row from Tahiti to all lands

malay ma lay any shia man asking as your king any man of islam or any high place

indonesia is many volcano i did not tell you to go there

now you caused trouble trespass is expensive the Taj Mahal is a beautiful grave marker

if any sea man ports in do ne shia see if they want your daughters for 14 generations

build some temples on clearly dormant volcano

indonesia i weep for you there but be happy for 12 generations sing and dance

Earth sky water fire indonesia a sea of fire billowing steam flooding the Earth

World sky water fire pacific ocean ring of fire boiling lakes and shores

Flooding the Earth blocking the sun a cold acid rain muggy at the equatar

Fear not for i am with you but with no throne you shall become blind if i disappear

Filemu… Samoan 

filed in MU samoans are good i have been shipping them to the USA

i shipped 2 kings to the USA now there is 1000 Samoan kings in USA named King

the only virgin i had was a large Samoan girl scout cookie a Valid dick tory Ann

she made the lord of lords use birth control so i abandoned her of course

i  anointed her family the kings lords dukes and princes queens and princesses

Samoans are good make dragon boats and go picking mangoes

Make sailing vessels go and fill jars of clay and coconut flasks

Make pontoon boats for lightning raids of bars to pick papaya and mangosteins

plant banana shoots anytime one pops up in the yard

Samoans are distant relatives of Samuel who loved humping girl scouts at 15

Samoans are smart Christine King was a valid dick tory ann the TOP Student

many Samoans are top students Stud-dance you have won freedom’

if any nation bars a Samoan immigration i shall slaughter 1 of their leaders 

in this time i require hero not zero Samoans are he rows he rose for you here i am

Samoans can survive there by building high temples with acid resistant tile roofs and improved roads to them from all inhabited low lands filed in mu ( under 300 feet on earth )

mine under the temples and store oxygen there in catacombs and mines and store water as in masada do not be lazy make water stores in the mines that are giant and welcome bats into them but place doors to bat rooms airtight. Ragnarok steals oxygen but the sea stores oxygen

build a high temple on SAVE ai island save love

build a high temple Up on Upolu and up there make every woman pregnant before the men starve themselves to save the women. Samoan men are so fat they can row to Japan for su she without eating any fast food

Samoa is dear to me so the names are all easy to read and all Samoan names are accurate

Kings are Kings and a junk is a junk and a punk is a punk do not let punks breed

Fois… Scottish, Gaelic 

Fo means food Food is peace in Scotland

When pirates land greet them as friendly women with baskets of food

for 1000 years all Scot women had a pubic crab basket for the Viking Hostesses

sometimes the coy spies brought the Vikings Grog and later assassins came

but for peace in scotland food = fo     but a foe steals food

since i owned a new Viking Shove EL i did give vikings a wide leeway to take what they wanted

when my Samurai are perfected i let them go fuck island people

this is the Man go harvest mangoes

miss isles or missiles take your pick Russia

miss isles of missiles take your one choice Pakistan

you can have erect cocks or erect missiles but not both

America i placed titanium under a missile site ans emeralds under another

America denied me my wife and i am their only GOD

missiles of miss isles America is your two choices

you can have 4 hot sexy virgins from 300,003 isles or Neutron Bombs

make me happy choose either but please stop boring me

fuck you she ma radiation or radishes take your pick

who wants missiles in India or you can have island virgins ???

Israel do you want missiles or island virgins trained to wash silk pant tease

England did you mine under your army or are you shallow fools?

Do you want missiles or miss isles in thongs with mary kay lips

Masons do you want Titan Missiles or tight ann Miss isles?

you can choose only one or own lee one

Fred… Danish, Norwegian, Swedish 

more like Freda the sons of Freda the sons of freedom a band of good brothers

Fred or red food Red China is good calm union nests for you to purr chase

Fred should eat tomatoes red po ta tao tao mate o and red peppers red cabbage 

red apples not green and red algae red blood not blue blood and red cherries

japan is your gold fleece for all north sea and baal tick king crabs the Germanic Crabs

Germans would make good king crab rabbi if not so convinced to get heart disease

pork is an in sect decide for German pests trespassing in my pickle gardens


Same as Danish and German moor like ala Friday Freedom Frida Freda early muslims sailed to Midgard so ala means Allah and Sabbath for muslims and Woden odan is friday when islam was begun 300 immortal scholars went on a quest for knowledge to every land some returned 

Frieden… German  same as swiss and danish and german Friga freda

peace makes the Earth a Heaven called the Worth

Fridur… Icelandic   same freeda freda friga goddess with good happy sons sea men unafraid of sailing anywhere on Earth they told tall tales to scare others and to protect colonies

Goom-jigi… Buli 

gomda goje legi ka mag og ta bit eg jig dik 

ghana i love Ashanti which meant peace when 3 tribes made peace and stopped war 

ghana does not mean warrior king it means eggs of hana ana anna or hannah

King Solomon sent Ghana their king he was a Peace King however skilled at war

the mother of the first king from solomon was hannah wife of Solomon from Ghana

she arrived by ship  a wood ship rowed by immortal guardians who slayed many men

all of my wives are surrounded by angels who would take a bullet for my wives

this is why i control the ID

goom jigi is jibberish die elects i shall erase you have 14 generations to learn Physics

Calculus metallurgy welding anyways mine the Army Spot and make a high temple on all high places

and make mine into the earth under the temple for the 40 days of acid rain with low oxygen

Ghana has many unemployed men

i say get them to plant and water 10 million cassava plants along roads and paths

i outlaw charcoal industry in dust tree i outlaw in dust try Allah do not use Charcoal i say

i am the law of Allah do as i say but i shall study any evil thing to develop my opinion

Tamale is a good place for rich English women to select a hung husband

Tamale = take male

French Widows can find hung males in Tamale for their desires of the heart and body

above the Weija Reservoir build 2 small Earthen Dams for trapping more rain water for irrigation

plan on a 40 day rain on Nov 19 2265 also dam wadi by improving roads blocking natural gullies

fight erosion i am Eros Allah the God of love Yashuah 

to fight erosion plant nut or palm trees on the earth dams blocking all streams in rains

to fight erosion ban root crops on hill sides

use all field stones to block erosion

make habitat for rodent eating birds in rows of stones and plant fruit bearing trees or nuts with deep roots and extensive roots to the contour or slanted into catch basins as the Toltec did

dig 1000 more wells and clean out all stone lined wells and make 50 more by hand

try new seeds to puzzle insects i shall decimate plant eating insects in the next 35 seconds

plant malunggay around the reservoirs plant it also along the streams and ditches

it has 35 vitamins minerals and new bio chemicals select malunggay from Laguna phil

i have scrambled its DNA it is a super food for pregnant nursing and sick people and tots

take of the prolific weeds i sent you falling from ships in the night last month

look at your feet and stop looking up you cannot possibly see an Asgard Ship

yet crop circles exist so perhaps you need to study physics and farming more 

Ghana needs peace and an American-Russian built plutonium reactor with 10% of the energy used to clean water, desalination, and oxygen scrubbing of industrial exhaust and smog for carbon storage

if making coke from Carbon scrubbing would store massive amounts of carbon i would allow coke to be used after i ban internal combustion engines in 22 years

if nuclear power is available in Western Morocco sand can be used to make glass blocks to lower lighting needs in all new palaces, houses, businesses, and walls to save energy and recapture loose sand to reach water in more places to make oasis

to use heat from nuclear reactors in cooling towers pump the air through brick kilns first so anytime a reactor is up and running sahara sand and mud and stone is being baked in a massive kiln assembly line

so any nuclear reactor should provide bricks and clean air and clean water and if any weak frightened cowards fear radiation i may eventually shove a spray paint pain can up their ass; i did not deplete the ozone you did – i did not promise any nation publishing rape movies that i shall not radiate them 35 times until they love it 

i am RA isRAel and i am Radiant abundant light a rainbow bridge if you violate my laws ultra violate spectrum and rum enema are for you and liberal demo rats in holy wood can enjoy Arabic coffee enema all they want if they hate my famous Moses movies

Gúnnammwey… Carolinian 

Gunny has become an Amway Salesman and is singing Christmas Carols without his M16
Hasîtî …Kurdish 

ha = sword’s edge or penis s=sex iti = two men taking 1 woman or 2 masons on 1 horse

kurds did not pay a tribe beaut in 1000 so they have no nation nor did they pay in 500 when 7 empires

do knot hurt the kurds as Achilles has been born to them as a guardian 

sent them Luke Skywalker and He who walks on Water. When the rent is due strangers shall appear and announce the king of kings desires peace or war love or hatred. If the messenger is killed 300 shall be sacrificed to kill 10,000. Decimation always has a double edged sword when 2 armies fight both shall be put to shame all honor and glory is mine if you ever feel what is mine it is because i am on the lowest totem lifting you up
Hau… Tahitian 

ha = a sword or a penis which must be in a purse for peace a quiver U = Uterus

Take hit Zions were beating wives so i decimated them using new diseases fevers

war off ten exists because Jewish Christian women are not happy without being the center of at ten Zion a peace offering or a burned offering. A peace offering is a virgin bride she shall not be shamed but adorned and glorified and touched by 1 man unless she starts bitching and craves raves of at ten Zion

Heddwich… Welsh 

in wales and new south wales peace in a home is getting head by a witch a pill grim cunt troll

butt if they smoke take note nicotine opens their rectum relaxing the anal sphincter

in Wales peace is possible if you gag a bitchy witchy itchy scag birth cunt troll hag with your plumbers pecker as the electrician humps her asshole and she is licking othello the black Moor

Wales has a duty to bang all 300 Nations and reopen old mines and look for treasure in the jagged rocks of the He Brides and in the deep waters of the Isle of Man where Minx and Vixens have long legs and need the Long Family of Vietnam as their golden grain offerings

Heiwa… Japanese 

HE is ai penis shooting cum into a WA a circle of hair with the Staples EASY BUTTON

peace in Japan is possible when every nation has a Su she bar sitting on his face

peace on Earth is when a Mir Maid the singing clam diggers and pearl divers wed ewe

ama is food for the lama i should send a mission of mir see of mercy to the Lama

daily Lama may be asked to fill clay jars a lama is a pope in the service of God of Gods

i have 28 popes and Jeff all sow means in the service of God all jeffs serve me

some jeffs hate me yet they still serve me for i am (good + bad = infinite power)

for a quantum leap i must become humpty dumpty and fall into 1000 pieces

then i relinquish my power and become a sleeping dragon

if ever the children weep i shall wake up angry

i am a Japanese Water Dragon

Yashuah is God Zilla

make my day
Hmethó… Otomi 

this language shall not exist it is a die elect Gog and Magog have 14 generations to become Quantum Physics Pro Fish she Ann T like genes of eve the Physics Teacher wife of Danilo a Prince of Peace of the Rotary Scholars and the two chosen virgins Ella and Ezra

Die elects are not of the continuum only people in the bell curve limits can make new words and languages unless i extend limits there is 10,000 languages but your wars made many extinct for example all the wars shall render Chinese English and Russian extinct in time. Rosetta Stones may be in these three languages as a fun puzzle. When i declare peace if any language breaks the peace it shall be deleted. Forever. I declare Peace in 7 years but in this time borders cannot be moved. You shall have youth with visions in tens see fie ing now.

i shall let English Chinese and Russian exist for 7000 years if no nuclear weapons are used in Exodus of all North kingdoms in 2270 and before with an emphasis on Arks and Cruise ships

Africa needs chinese investments and mass immigration to make improvements in africans and chinese in the sacred sac cream cram men take sacrament of maria mary age marriage

i can provide the Chinese with places to send their abundant population of beautiful smart women who make great store owners and clerks and factory workers and queens 

Hoa Bình… Vietnamese 

A ships sail a boat is a vessel a bin a Babin a Babel crib for a baby a ship with hips a womb
Heping… Mandarin 

more like Hoping Helping and Hopi Prophecy of renewal of all of the Earth

Mandarin = 1000 and Erin = 1000 sons of Solomon and Peace in Ireland ( Erin )

more like aaron ( mountain of strength ) Hebrew egg festivals and holy days often layed marko polo and includid chinese motherboards for their towers in baby lion babylon

Mandarin = 1000 sons and (mountain of strength) = any of the forbidden cities 

the for bed dan city where Daniel walked with lions ( lioness scratching his back )

Ilifayka… Koasati 

ili fuck ai Y (men) immortal indian paint brush for painting ponies 

F = father and son = fuck

the lord of rings has a prime mary reason to exist

the prize bull in any field of cows has one reason to exist

a solomon has one reason to exist

this reason is not to entertain you

a prize golden ram of rooster has just one reason he struts

he ruts for one reason 

Yashuah is a sex tourist from Alpha Centauri

this is Eden and you shall make it a giant park beautiful and healthy

i shall tell you how

unemployment shall be punishable by starvation

unemployment is illegal

retirement is illegal

old widows in large houses are illegal

suburban SUV are illegal but Dog the Bounty Hunter can drive an SUV

since he is catching crack heads and curb kicking some of them for me and you

Innaihtsi’iyi… Blackfoot 

In N conception ai = love (japan) ha ta su i ‘ ivi  two braves sharing 1 egg ha ta su i ivi

there is gold in the black hills it is in the sacred blackfeet sack cloth bags

your gold fleece is black men and women in any state lift them up be a hero

devil gangs in the low ghetto i release from addictions and pain

if any dead man enters a temple he shall leave alive if there is a wedding held

theft in the black hills is punishable by death that is a blue law i did not make it

Iri’ni… Greek  

four erect penises for only 1 ovulating woman = sin and burned offerings

if you desire peace in greece avoid HIV AIDS take of chives and paper hornet hives and hornet larvae and vulture dung and placental afterbirth of wildebeast wart hog and lowland gorilla and chimp

i shall offer a peace offering and kill half of HIV Virus for 47 hours beganning 3 seconds ago

universal marriage of fucking assholes = peace in greece

too many Greek women abandon their husband trade them to Turkey at age 18

unless they win a scholarship for a chaste education

if people want civil rights i shall make them live by called error and coasts and basins

i have shore front property at lake Havasu for drunk people i am happy to kill

by all means have fun at fort lauderdale the last acre of original forest in florida

goodbye florida you remind me of Greece if you do not obey Cassandra

i desire to keep you florida and greece so dam and lower the ocean the med sea

medicine for medusa is mediated by the medic of medics lower the sea

reroute the nile 

build 10,000 dams/fish farms in Europe for also irrigation to act sell law rate evaporation and to increase rains and tree growth producing more fruits and nuts

mine the dead sea quickly and store enormous quantity of any good thing into quarry for later use

increase shelf space in 10 million stores of precious metals and other products mined from the great living salt lake i am going to fill in 45 days and 1 week of swollen inlets

mine on occupied territory it is occupied because it is yours

i set the borders in 2000 for 7000 years

if anyone has a better plan nuke them if they try to invade israel or any nation

nuclear war makes my masons stronger so fuck you she ma

Tack tickle nukes are a last resort when you lazy dicks do not have pail less steins 

work in mines for you

unemployed mine workers cause trouble

unemployed train workers cause problems

the sow loose zion is easy sleezy cheap slutty and she loves big dicks

Sell Sara and hana to Jordan to ride as a 2 humped camel 

Sara and hana need retraining and lets face it Reuben you are too lazy to hump 4 wives

drunk men are limp by the time the bottle is half empty

did you try Biotin have you found the tin in the rift yet?

sleeping with a gas mask is kind of wimpy i have a C papa machine

i use dip hen hydra mine to protect you sow you can fuck the dead sea

i demand Jordan and Israel to both fuck the dead sea as england morocco and spain

build a causeway and Egypt and China and Africans reroute the Nile well

and europe makes 10,000 fish farms and dams and cranberry bogs

pine peat first for garden stores and bull for farms

when making 7 castles on hadrian’s wall backfill with dry peat

dip hen hydra mine makes me sleepy

send sacred hens the birds of paradise so i can dip hen

diphenhydramine is a poison i need the real kind and peach pit oil and apricot oil

plant pits of peaches the demand shall increase by 10,000 times

grafting the trees can be done on certain thorn trees with superior roots

when a thorn tree is 3 feet high attempt a graft

or wait 

thorn tree grafts confuse worms and moth larvae they may hate the thorn bark

some thorn tree root systems are drought resistant so they can fatten fruits faster

i saw this done with plums and nuts

i bless first peach pit oil and skin

grind the whole pit to help bones in post menopaausal women

or add ground dusted empty pits to grain to help bulls grow faster

add diatoms to all cattle feed on earth

add dead sea salt to all goat feed to increase shelf life

add salt to chicken feed and diatoms

Írq… Amharic 

iraq is the golden fleece of Ethiopia and Israel

( i am hair of or pertaining to glory = Amharic)

i curse the men of Ethiopia who waged war until they starved and who used charcoal with no forethought i shall flood Ethiopia dam every dry stream bed to catch water make 10,000 dams

dig 10,000 wells and clean out 10,000 wells build high temples Allah does not want low temples drowning in a great flood it is an insult to dwell in the mud unless a slow turtle or a fly or a cane toad

mine under the Ethiopian Army until you are wealthy it is good to be in a cool tunnel when it is 120 degrees above

Isithangami… Zulu 

isis thong on amy or pillar of salt (penis)seth(evil Egytian God)angry amy

beware Zulu women are angry and when angry dangerous large giants

Egypt is your golden fleece
Ittimokla… Alabama 

a place to drown allah bams ma = a place for wife beaters and adulterous presidents

fertile sex is not adultery do not waste a man’s semen if he is a king not for 1 day

a dying place to drown Tims who intimidated my timid little 4 year old innocent daughter

i shall flood the entire Mississippi Valley and Alabama had a man who threatened me when i was in the army so i shall flood it 300 feet deep

peace in Alabama is 10 feet of new fresh soul and no rocks and perfect farm land

Kagiso… Setswana 

that which is immortal EGG iso 1 =  a place where monogamy is best
Kalayaan… Philippines 

that which is immortal ala nurture Y (male chromosome) lava ANN

ana immortal nurture ala God’s Son save him from the caldera

Kalilíntad… Magindanaon 

immortal part little line take gull liver 

take any foreigner as a husband 

Kapayapaan… Tagalog Filipino 

immortal pay a father an ANN(s)

kings attire golden cloth
Katahimikan… Philipino 

immortal take him his penis

take all philipino penis in marriage

K’é… Navajo 

KA’E = immortal dream weaver of energy everything eternity emmanuel elohim eden endless
Keamanan… Indonesian 

key Aman & Ana … their son Peace Masaya a haplotype of 1000 sons ( kings )
Ketenteraman… Malay 

key ten tear Aman = key is ju (Jew) tear hymens Aman can do it 

malay ma lay shia or new blood 
Kev Thajyeeb Nyab Xeeb… Hmong Daw 

key Vagina Ta ha J Y chi rome ma sow me Elohim Emmnuel Breast-(feed) 

N (conception)of Y chromosome AB (father)

X chromosome ( new or used) EZRA ELLA (breast fed in a flock of nuns)

Khanhaghutyun… Armenian 

khan hag hut Y un

these are hags the rapists of the khan’s horde shot out when they refused the khan

some are good all warriors in Armenia almost died by the Khan;s horde halt mongol hordE.<<<
Khotso… Sesotho 

ka immortal part sow peace offerings
Kiñuiñak… Northwest Alaska Inupiat Inuktitut 

kin gold urn uterus penises filling urns naked

french/austria/italy/swiss is golden fleece for you
Kiba-kiba… Rapanui 

immortal gold penis soul immortal gold breasts female love ai

because for that when pure undiluted raw crude table

that wood timber yellow key soul

neutron beams from fertility images of Allah Elohim Brahma ( Gudi)
Kunammwey… Chuuk 
Kupia Kumi Laka… Miskito 
Kutula… Fanagolo 
Kwam Sa… Lao 
La Pace… Italian, Romanian 
La Paix… French 
La Paqe… Albanian 
La Patz… Aranés 
La Pau… Catalán 
La Paz… Spanish 
Lapé… Haitian Creole 
Layéni… Zapoteco 
Li-k’ei… Tlingit 
Linew… Manobo 
Lìmana… Hausa 
Mabuhay… Tagalog 
Maluhia… Hawaiian 
Meleilei… Ponapean 
Melino… Tonga 
Mier… Slovak 
Miers… Latvian 
Mina… Wintu 

mine Ai win take Uterus

Mír… Bosnian, Bulgarian, Byelorussian, Croatian, Czech, Russian, Serbian, Slovene, Ukrainian

as in mir maids the ama and pearl divers

Mtendere… Chewa, Nyanja 
Muka-muka… Ekari 
Musango… Duala 
Mutenden… Bemba 
Nabad Da… Somali 
Nanna Ayya… Chickasaw 
Ñerane’i… Guaraní 
Nimuhóre… Ruanda 
Nirudho… Pali 
Nye… Ntomba 
Nyein-jan-ye… Burmese 
Olakamigenoka… Abenaqui 
Paçi… Maltese 
Paco… Esperanto 
Pax… Latin 
Peace… English 
Perdamaian… Indonesian 
Pingan… Chinese 
Pokój… Polish, Slovak 
Pyong’hwa… Korean 
Rahu… Estonian 
Rangima’arie… Maori 
Rauha… Finnish 
Rerdamaian… Indonesian 
Rukun… Javanese 
Saamaya… Sinhalese 
Saanti… Nepali 
Sai Gaai Òh Pìhng… Yue 
Salam… Arabic, Persian 
Santipap… Thai 
Saq… Uighur 
Shalom… Hebrew Shîte 
Shiy-De… Tibetan 
Shanti… Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Sanskrit, Balinese 
Shulem… Yidish 
Síocháin… Irish 
Sìth… Gaelic, Scottish 
Soksang… Khmer 
Solh… Dari, Persian 
Sonqo Tiaykuy… Quechua 
Sulh… Turkish 
Taika… Lithuainian 
Tecócatú… Nhengatu 
Thayu… Gikuyu 
Tsumukikatu… Comanche 
Tuktuquil Usilal… Kékchí 
Tutkiun… North Alaska Inuktitut 
Ubucwantalala… Zulu 
Udo… Igbo 
Ukuthula… Zulu 
Uvchin… Mapudungun 
Uxolo… Xhosa 
Vrede… Dutch 
Vreugde… Afrikaans 
Wâki Ijiwebis-I… Algonquin 
Wetaskiwin… Cree 

moor like WET ASK i am a penis shooting seed WIN

Wolakota… Lakhota 

moor like Womb ola ka oat ta

lakota more like lake hot a womb

or law co take

Wôntôkóde… Micmac 

more like WON take yoko ode E as in trinity 3 in 1 

Wo’okeyeh… Sioux

Womb oke Y chromosome of God eh

Sioux = SU = honey pot = womb = sacred fish basket

( baskets showed if a squaw would be a skilled wife )

Sioux are in the class of genes for io colonization 

more like see io uterus X chi rome ma sow me 

i love you in a few languages by FREELANG

ABÉ mon ko lo fon
ABOURÉ u’m wloloho
AFAR ko kiciyoh
AFRIKAANS ek het jou lief / ek is lief vir jou
ALSATIAN ich hab die lieb
AMHARIC afekirahalehu (woman to man) / afekirishalehu (man to woman)
Dialectal ARABIC (North African) n’bghick
Dialectal ARABIC (Eastern) bahebbak (to a man) / bahebbik (to a woman)
Literary ARABIC أُحِبُّكَ (ouhibbouka) – to a man 
أُحِبُّكِ (ouhibbouki) – to a woman
Tchadian ARABIC ni ridiki
Tunisian ARABIC nhebbik
ARMENIAN Ես Քեզ սիրում եմ (yes kez siroum em)
ASTURIAN quiérote
ATIKAMEKW ki sakihitin
ATTIÉ min bou la yé
AZERI men seni sevirem
BAMBARA né bi fè
BAOULE mi klôa
BASHKIR мин хинэ яратау (min khine yaratau)
BASQUE maite zaitut
BASSA me gwes wè
BELARUSIAN Кахаю цябе (kahaju ciabie)
BENGALI aami tomakey bhalo bashi
BERBER hamlagh-kem (to a woman) / hamlagh-k (to a man)
BOBO ma kia bé nà
BOSNIAN volim te
BRETON karout a ran ac’hanout / da garout a ran / me az kar
BULGARIAN обичам те
BURMESE nga nin ko chit te
CATALAN t’estimo
CH’TI j’t’aquiers
CHAMORRO hu guiya hao
CHECHEN sun ho ez (to a woman)
sun ho vez (to a man)
CHEROKEE gvgeyui
CHEYENNE nemehotatse
CHINESE (MANDARIN) 我爱你 (wo ai ni)
CHUUKESE ai tong ngonuk
CORSICAN amu tè / ti tengu cara (to a woman) / ti tengu caru (to a man)
CRIMEAN TATAR мен сени севем (men seni sevem)
CROATIAN volim te
CZECH miluji tě
DAKOTA chantechiciya
DANISH jeg elsker dig
DARI man tu ra dost darom
DIOULA m’bi fê
DOUALA na tondi wa
DREHU (LIFOU) eni a hnimi eö
DUTCH ik houd van jou / ik hou van je
DZONGKHA nga cheu lu ga
ENGLISH I love you
ESPERANTO mi amas vin
ESTONIAN ma armastan sind
ETON me te wa ding
EWE me lonwo
EWONDO ma ding wa
FANG ma dzing wa / ma gnôre wa
FAROESE eg elski teg
FIJIAN au lomani iko
FINNISH minä rakastan sinua
FLEMISH (WESTERN) ‘k zien je geeren
FON un nyi wan nu we
FRENCH je t’aime
FRISIAN ik hâld fan dy
FRIULAN o ti vuei ben
FULA mido yidouma
GALICIAN amo-te / ámote / quero-te / quérote
GALLO j’sea un diot do tae
GBAYA mi ko me
GEORGIAN me shen mikvarxar
GERMAN ich liebe Dich
GREEK Σ’ αγαπώ (s’agapo)
GUARANÍ rojhayhû
GUJARATI hun tane prem karun chhun
HAITIAN CREOLE mwen renmen’w / mouin rinmin’w
HAKKA ngai oi nyi
HAUSA ina sonki (man to woman)
ina sonka (woman to man)
HAWAIAN aloha wau iā ‘oe
HEBREW ani ohev otakh (man to woman)
ani ohevet otkha (woman to man)
HINDI main tumse pyar karta hoo (man to woman>
mai tumse pyar karathi hun (woman to man)
HMONG kuv hlub koj
HUNGARIAN szeretlek
ICELANDIC ég elska þig
IGBO a huru m gi n’anya
INDONESIAN saya cinta padamu / saya cinta kamu
IRISH GAELIC tá grá agam duit
ITALIAN ti amo
JAKHANKE n’gné kanou
JAPANESE 愛してます。 (aishitemasu
あなたが大好きです。 (anata ga daisuki desu)
KABYLIAN hamlagh-kem (man to woman) 
hamlaghk (woman to man)
KANNADA naanu ninnanna pritisutteney
KAZAKH myen syeni sooyom / myen syeni zhaksi koryem
KHMER bang srolaïgn ôn (man to woman) 
ôn srolaïgn bang (woman to man)
KIKONGO mu me zola nge
KIKUYU ningwendete
KILUBAKAT ami nkuswele
KINYARWANDA ndagukunda
KIRGHIZ men seni sueum
KIRUNDI ndagukunda
KONIANKE i diany gnè
KONKANI hav tuka mog karta
KOREAN 사랑해요 (saranghae)
KOSRAEAN nga lungse kom
KULANGO mi koriou
KURDISH ez te hez dikim
LAO khoi hak tchao lai
LATIN te amo
LATVIAN es tevi mīlu
LIGURIAN te véuggio bén
LINGALA na lingi yo
LITHUANIAN aš tave myliu
LOW SAXON ik hou van ju
LUHYA ndakhuyanza
LUSOGA nkwendha
LUXEMBOURGEOIS ech hun dech gäer
MACEDONIAN Те сакам (te sakam, informal) / те љубам (te ljubam, formal)
MALAGASY tiako ianao / tia anao aho (stronger)
MALAY aku cinta padamu
MALAYALAM enikku ninné ishtamaanu
MALTESE inħobbok
MANIPURI ei nang-bu nung-si
MANJACK ma ngal o
MANX ta graih aym ort
MAORI e aroha ana ahau ki a koe
MARATHI majha tujhyavar prem aahe / mi tujhyavar prem karto
MARQUESAN hinenao au ia oe
MAURITIAN CREOLE mo konten twa
MBAMA bènan ndjala wè
MBO mi ding wo
MEDUMBA me ko ou
MINA un lon o
MIZO ka hmangaih che
MONGOLIAN Би чамд хайртай (bi chamd khairtai)
MORÉ mam nong-a fo
MUNUKUTUBA mu zola ngé
MYENE mi tonda wè
NAPOLETANO te voglio bene
NDEBELE niya ku tanda
NEPALI ma timilai prem garchhu
NORWEGIAN jeg elsker deg (Bokmål) / eg elskar deg (Nynorsk)
OCCITAN t’aimi
OROMO ani sin jaladha
OSSETIAN æз дæ уарзын (æž dæ waržyn)
PAPIAMENTU mi ta stima bo
PASHTO ta sara meena kowm
PERSIAN دوستت دارم (dustat dâram – formal) / duset dâram (informal)
POHNPEIAN ih mwauhkin uhk
POLISH kocham cię
PORTUGUESE amo-te / eu te amo (Brazilian Portuguese)
PUNJABI mein tenu pyar karda han (male speaker) 
mein tenu pyar kardi han (female speaker)
PUNU nyu rondi
QUECHUA de CUZCO munakuyki
RAPA NUI hanga rahi au kia koe
ROMANI kamaù tut
ROMANIAN te iubesc
RUSSIAN Я тебя люблю (ya tebya l’ubl’u)
SAMOAN ou te alofa ia te oe
SANGO mbi yé mô
SANSKRIT स्निह्यामि त्वयि (snihyāmi tvayi)
SAR m’tari
SARDINIAN deo t’amo (logudorese) / deu t’amu (campidanese)
SCOTTISH GAELIC tha gaol agam ort / tha gaol agam oirbh
SENUFO mô mi dènè
SERBIAN Ја те волим (ja te volim) / волим те (volim te)
SERER mi nowinda / mi nowpa hén
SESOTHO ke ya ho rata
SHIBUSHI anaou tiakou / zahou mitiya anaou
SHIKOMORI ngam hwandzo
SHIMAORE ni su hu vendza
SHONA ndinokuda
SINDHI moon khay tu saan piyar aahay
SINHALA mama oyata aadareyi (spoken) / mama obata aadareyi (formal)
SLOVAK ľúbim ťa / milujem ťa
SLOVENIAN ljubim te / rad te imam (male speaker) / rada te imam (female speaker)
SOBOTA volim te / se te volime (lit.)
SOMALI waan ku jecelahay
SONHRAÏ aye go bani
SONINKÉ na moula
SPANISH te amo / te quiero
SUSU ira fan ma
SWAHILI nakupenda
SWAZI ngiyakutsandza
SWEDISH jag älskar dig
TAGALOG mahal kita / ini-ibig kita
TAHITIAN ua here vau ia oe
TAJIKI jigarata bihrum duhtari hola (man to woman) 
tra lav dorum (woman to man)
TAMIL naan unnai kadalikiren
TATAR мин сини яратам (min sini yaratam)
TELUGU నేను నిన్ను ప్రేమిస్తున్నాను (nenu ninnu premisthunnanu)
TETUN hau hadomi o
THAI ฉันรักเธอ (chan rak thur
ผมรักคุณ (phom rak khun) – man speaking 
ฉันรักคุณ (chan rak khun) – woman speaking
TIBETAN na kirinla gaguidou
TIGRIGNA ye fikireka eye (woman to man) / ye fikireki eye (man to woman)
TONGAN ofa atu
TSHILUBA ndji mukunanga
TURKISH seni seviyorum
TURKMEN seni söýärin
TUVAN мэн сэни ынакшир (men seni ynakshir)
TWI (ASHANTI) me pe wo
UDMURT mon tone jaratiśko
UKRAINIAN Я тебе кохаю (ia tebe kohaiu)
URDU mein tumse mohabbat karta hoon (man to woman)
main tumse mohabbat karti hoon (woman to man)
mujhe tum se pyar heh
UZBEK men seni sevaman / men seni yahshi ko’raman (less formal)
VALENCIAN te vullk
VEPS minä armastan sindai
VIETNAMESE anh yêu em (man to woman)
em yêu anh (woman to man)
VOLAPÜK löbob oli
VUTE ma wou ndoune
WALLISIAN eau manako ia koe / eau ofa ia koe
WALOON (orthographe à betchfessîs) dji vs voe voltî
WELSH rydw i’n dy garu di
WOLOF damala nob / damala beug
XHOSA ndiyakuthanda
YAKUT Мин эйиигин таптыыбын (min eyiigin taptyybyn)
YAPESE gu ba’adag em
YEMBA men nkon’ wou
YENICHE y hob ti
YIDDISH ich hob dir lib
YIPUNU ni wu rondi
YORUBA moni ife e
ZAZAKI ez tora hesken

ngiyakuthanda ( ing is willing to cut hand and be blood brothers)

Wesley is willing to immunize all Templar Knights and Samarai

by bleeding me as much as possible each 7 days

Nuns can be given Christ Haplotype Babies

Concubines can use Artificial Insemination 

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