Allah Explains He is infinite so is Yashuah and Mohammed Ali

Allah Explains He is infinite so is Yashuah and Mohammed Ali

when i was younger i delivered 151,151 pizza

Aziz helped me and at the same time i worked with 7 Greeks, Zeus was the leader

Samir a moor pirate and son of Saladin we raided the Greek Antonious in Ramadan

you see infinite power is between good and bad

so Aziz is all good and Samir is a pirate but a good pirate

i took Aziz home 5 times

i took Samir to SAM’s Club a long time ago

i was staying with Richard Dudley the lionhearted

we rented from Mohammed the robotics professor

i shall give Islam control over Robots and Christians control over Cyborgs

i shall govern energy beings and shape shifters myself

if a woman places the curves of her ass in my face 

she shall soon become a shape shifter

i have little time for foreplay 

so we shall breed SUS

we generally place a nag rome mare a horny ovulating one to make the stag erect

then we allow the prize mare in to avoid any danger and to minimize risks

breeding Arabian /horses is a science

and Michael my brother went to Morgan High School in Clinton Connect a cut

i need to be in love so we should all dine together 

if factions form in my house i shall break them up unless they amuse me

like a rock band or the kingston trio or a quartet in tet

it is important that all of my cause ma knots get sucked into a black hole


it is important that all my ass stroke nots fly into a black hole every day

and my black pygmy kings need to chuck their spears into sarcastic English muff Finns

pygmy kings are es sent shall to downsizing outstanding valid dick tory Ann’s

i am Mohammed Ali and anyone who survived death i am the Continuum

i am mr VETO i Yashuah Allah Jupiter have veto power over Boxers in Boxers

while trillions of trillions of trillions of infinite avenues exist i am an AV a RAGE

i am the accumulated passion of the ancestors 

some things i am doing take time

i have many sets of physical constants since my kingdom expands

dimensional anal law sis predetermines many acts so i set tiger traps

then when i come to town i discover i was already here

i am a basket case which is most exciting 

assholes say to me ” the Bible is all you need “

what a stupid thing to say

some assholes plant homo genus crops with the same parent tree

then they all get the white pine blister rust

and german shepherds get bad hips

it is time to let the mutts fix all the Cracker Jacks

Frigid women are not sick they just feel their brother’s urine stinks

now listen i cannot go everywhere

i have net ten yahoo already fucking teens 

or has he defected to the fill less teens again?



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