Yashuah Tells a Tale of Two Carnivores

Yashuah Tells a Tale of Two Carnivores 

A man named John worked at a chicken processing plant

He had to kill chickens so he did it efficiently and smashed their skulls 

on the wooden posts these were the diseased ones

Uncle David the deist had many free range chickens

He pretends to be an environmentalist

one day he was drunk with Wayne Dow a cousin

they shot roosters as if they were Assyrian Trespassers

they shot them and gave them to the foxes

Uncle David has many old cars

John walks to work

We should not eat diseased chickens

roosters should be eaten

so David is an ass

being drunk is no excuse

if David did not have such virtues as a musician

he might be in a slaughter house working for minimum wage

crushing skulls of small animals on wood posts


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