Finland Should purchase and sponsor Banhine National Park

Finland Should purchase and sponsor Banhine National Park

during the Exodus of the ice age of 2270 already Elohim has a plan

Finland can purchase and fence in and operate this park

it is 7007 square km

poaching can be banned and the district of Chigubo, northern Gaza ProvinceMozambique can provide sharpshooters to patrol with Finnish Environmental Patrols with live ammunition such a sale would involve total departure of indigenous squatters, to save 5005 species of beasts large and small.

I suggest a small UNI Verse CITY for tuition paying environmental ecology biology students of life science. I suggest a mine under this university for storage of oxygen for meteorite showers. The slag would be used for roads and walks and university underground facilities and tourist infrastructure.

7007 square km is huge but Finland needs a new home in 2270 this must be planned in advance to prevent world wars when Russia is in exodus.  America has no problem taking Canadian pussy.

Finland can invest in the district of Chigubo, northern Gaza ProvinceMozambique, while maintaining the park to save 5005 species. They can mine and build a factories in Mozambique to have a working network to accept immigrants rapidly after a shaking a tsunami storm 40 days of rain and an ice age. Fear not but do not rest much, idle people are not welcome here.

 ChokweCuamba, and Quelimane are each ideal mine locations i demand all weapons save small arms be exchanged or stored for mine equipment. China if they donated 4 million Euro for far Ming and 1 mill lion Euro for Stability or police forces – China has mining rights to  ChokweCuamba, and Quelimane by my decree. 3000 men shall form an engineering battalion and shall spend 1 day per week in military training and 5 days per week mining ans cutting stones and building improved roads and train beds. 3 such battalions shall form an engineering brigade of 9000 a legion. They shall discover the crown jewels of Mozambique and develop modern barracks and a training facility and a motor pool and a PX military store and mall for their families and military housing. There shall be rotating patrols and annual training and an immortal special forces of 300 for fielding the best weapons which shall remain to stop any army of 1 million attempting to trespass and enslave the people.  


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