Elohim Appoints the new Caesar the Dog Whisperer

Elohim Appoints the new Caesar the Dog Whisperer Caesar Millan

he is invited to report to new Rome new Mecca which is new Tibet

Caesar is a tribune of the 12 Apostles who are Witnesses at first

The 12 Apostles acts are fertile sex acts so Christ has something to forgive

Caesar must be familiar with power struggles with dogs Alpha males and bitches

Cesar Millan, is a Mexican-born American dog trainer. A self-taught expert, he is widely known for his television series Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, now in its ninth season and broadcast in more than eighty countries worldwide.

This Earth Age has been plagued with a slow shy Vatican and slow hostile Masons so Elohim has named Cesar Millan to part tis sa Pate with Saint peter to solve problems with power struggles on Earth between bitchy nuns and angry or unstable timid Knights and all their issues in MILL ANN which is Solomon and Maria Ana’s Baby MILL or Saint Ann

Cocker Spanials shall not be allowed to fight with Scottish tear rears

Chinese dogs shall not be allowed to eat Tibet Dogs

English Wolf Hounds may not bully the Great Danes

Cesar shall be as the Czar of Russia and have Absolute power

his authority shall be hereditary and his urine shall make dogs shake and tremble



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