Elohim Addresses Argentina

Elohim Addresses Argentina

i love our gene Tina Turner and Argentina needs moor African Meat

it would be wise to find a good place for a ZOO an Ark up high

i desire an Adviser from Argentina in the Temple Knights

before i meet with anyone i should be briefed i scan

i shall place eyes on 50 million birds for this 

i shall be a fly on a trillion walls

thus i shall judge quickly

i shall keep records

in mercury

i am



Crystals as large as houses

for storing knowledge in slowly cooling planets

while i have no use for uranus

i do enjoy Venus 

she has a good attitude at tit two da 

she has a good experience being the server at masonic meetings

or the money taker at the Rotary Club meetings

Venus has a great at titi two da

the cross has two lines

it is a masonic sign

two kings 1 X

two lines of kings and 1 X chi rome ma sow me

i can make basic genes lengthen using threesomes

it is crew shall that this is controlled see on troll led we need a high priest

you will be diseased if you act like branch dividians

for example they did not purify 

i am taking milk thistle

for 7 days 2 times

14 times

keeping sperm hell thee is a skill see kill

but if you stop murdering you can instead be healthy

healthy or hell thee …choose 1

hell po or help … select 1

sonny and cher ( sterile)

or son E and share ( abundant life)

i love our gene Tina all Tina have it



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