Aṣ-Ṣabūr as a saber the Double Edged Sword Writes about Al-malik

Aṣ-Ṣabūr as a saber the Double Edged Sword Writes about Al-malik

today in keeping with my plans to colonize Mars IO the moon and Titan 

i shortened my penis which was inefficient 

i also cut off a famous bikers testicle 

he failed to breed after winning

champions are for breeding

did you watch Riddick:

get a clue shit head

Chiefs are seed

Al- malik has a different approach

i saw him dragging his giant garden hose

do not let your dingle dingle dangle in the dirt

put it on your shoulder or tie it to your shirt

in Arabia men need larger testicles 

semen must be kept cooler

than the heart

sow Al-malik

is AL-ma lick 

and i am MARS and JUPITER

i am left handed so 7 times as like lee to be a left handed astronaut

sow when breeding i need to diversify for specific functions

fools were critical of hitler’s desire to prefect germans

i made hitler shoot himself because he failed

not because he tried

and the money changers who make me wait shall also suffer

they lack long term memory so shall wonder why they suffer

they shall curse me and say Brahma is cruel

i am the mean median and mode

if you are not fucking me 

you are off the bell curve

you cannot survive way over there

i can’t even get a blowjob around here

this is supposed to be a heaven with Assyrian hookers

what happened?



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