Jesus Clears up Some Medical Terms for Dummies

Jesus Clears up Some Medical Terms for Dummies

Dis means hell and devils are police officers of God

God has Blue knights and Hell’s Angels both anointed

Disease = Dis Seize

demons control virus

devils control bacteria if it is bad or harmful

some bacteria are both good and bad so for each devil there is a guardian

devils and angels fight and Vishnu defeated all of them

devils and angels fight and Mohammed defeated all of them

devils and angels fight and Jesus defeated all of them 

devils and angels fight and every 2000 years 7 christ defeat all of them

devils and angels fight and gabriel wins and becomes a Rock star

devils and angels fight and the Men in Black become Stars on the Tell a Vision

devils and angels fight and Michael wins and becomes a father or a skeptic

devils and angels fight and the greatest is the Father God Allah Ram ABB Ram 

Disease = you mad Dis Easy you helped the devils win with evil crimes

Dis Seize = to get a disease by demonic possession ( virus or bad bacteria)

Fever = EVE did not pay her fee to the eRect dick of her husband ( deaf 1 )

definition = deaf Finn itch Zion = infinite finnish cum causes bimbo clit to itch

English is a Vulgar language in regard to Genesis

Do not leave Rome or Latin without a Cannon Council

Arabic is a cleaner language you may convert my words to clean Arabic

so little children can read it

Syndrome = sinned against Rome = moor at attacked Rome Clergy in murder

in war priests shall not be killed

in medicine innocent children shall be saved or Gabriel shall hunt and kill the demon

Doctors shall be protected by a secret cloak and dagger ans a baton

Nurses shall carry Staph of Moses on the 10 laws of Moses the 10 claws

Staph of moses shall do no harm to good people

show mercy on bad people struck by illness

evil is caused by EVE the adulterous whore who behind Adam’s back made bastards

lilith was a second wife of Adam she was actually good not bad she made Genes

Adam gave her permission so it was not adultery it was gene sin the sis original sin

Genesis does not occur in monogamy unless Ram Allah Christ touches people

Apollo can heal by touch

isis shall heal by touch

in a sign of peace shake hands in church or kiss or hug

do knot be afraid do not fear touching your babes kiss them

kiss pregnant women but not if you have the flu or a runny nose

virus are unsafe for fetus

feet must not be touched when caring for a baby

fetus in the USA were abused by foot fungus a great plague 

Apothos made athletes foot and jock itch for abusive rapists

and for arrogant boys or men who do not give 100% to the coach

or men who commit adultery or are idle so they are DEFEATED

Nile snails have 300 diseases or plagues

in denial diseases are released by crocs and mud turtles and snappers

do not swim in denial it is given to the crocodile

reroute the nile to the red sea

dam gibraltar

immunize 10,000 Africans with 10,000 Asians rerouting Denial in Weddings

immunize 10,000 Europeans with 5,000 or 10,000 cool lees at Gibraltar

mine 101 tunnels between spain and port U gals

bring the debris to the cause way

bring debris or fill in massive trains

mine cut lassive quarry canals in English and Spain Gibraltar altar it

mine cut classive quarry canals with sediment traps in morocco

make massive pump stations desalination plants for clean safe water

expose 11,000 fresh water wells in the sea

expose new farm land with salt soil plant first plants that suck up salt

celery for example

shallow the roots of crops after 7 years of rains

level fields after 7 years of rains

make dams to stop erosion eros /zion i am so obey me i am ram allah is ra el

make fish farms and massive aquaculture

now place metal markers on all islands on the sea of rome and egypt and greece

mark all shores before lowering

man may abide above the markers 

cattle may abide below the markers

sheep may abide above or below

ox may pull carts from down to up

markets may not be below the markers

barns may be below the markers

untouchables may make ghetto below the markers 

if they have harmed a child

harmed is a bad word split it in half so it is har med

remove the hair of harmed female criminals shave them

if a whore weds a jewish rabbi shave her hair

if a woman becomes a nun shave her head

harmed can be fixed with har med or sheering sheep

if a sheep refuses to nurse any lamb kill it immediately

but try three times

or separate the evil sheep from the herd for the next feast day

if an evil sheep has a lamb slit its throat and deliver the blood to your cats

deliver the body to your wife

deliver the organs to your dog or sell them to Christians at the market

Christians hate Jewish law so desire abuse and evil food


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