Important Words for the Human Ape pen Dicks by Elohim

Important Words for the Human Ape pen Dicks by Elohim

Appendix have 707 possible uses in prime mates pry mates and pry Mary God King Men

i am Elohim the Nature Director of YMCA Camp Jordan in 1991

and Yahweh the Natural Adviser helping Mike Robes in Me sow pot tame Mia

i use humor a lot so i make 3 breasted prime ministers sometimes

but you refuse to vote for them even as they are so perfect

the Appendix is possibly a second liver for low resource planet colonies

colons in colonies make protein rich shit for Chinese ass stroke nots

dogs eat their own shit in Russia Canada Maine Kentucky and England

dogs in Japan sometimes eat their own shit 5 times until it is like pumice

thus the need for a second liver with so many new gut mike robes

i store in a shrew at the MARS fact Tory an Eng Gland Shrewd Shrew with DNA

i store in the mars garden plant DNA for mars and we are perfecting 35 insects all sow

i am making altarred states untra red light is being thrown on the worth

to act sell lore rate new po ten shall uses for the ape pen dicks the Appendix

one use is to self destruct if i calculate you shall kill moor than 90 billion people in Ragnarok

always if i saw you were a danger i self destruct my Gal act tick extra livers

the appendix is just a place for storing some extra options in a book

some X plain nations need some thrilling explanations nations need folk music

just writing a book can cause trouble so we always have a glossary and appendix

this is why i love Michael Jerling and Jim Bloom we all shall make Mars bloom

the Bible to be honest is a ho nest instructional appendix for dum dums who do evil

nesting birds own the rookery and the foxes own the stupid ones

honestly ho nest lee and li is what i stand for my standard of a wife is a nestle asian ho

a ho is a sail and all the king’s pines get battered hard in the wind

sea men from Morocco carry cargo of semen and they need their mast back

that lonesome pine so straight and true

it is in my tan shorts


i am


mortals fetch a jill

frig the pail of water 

jill jiggles as she walks up the hill

too bad jill was in the pill when she pulled up and said fill me up

jack keeps stealing gold hens for me in this never ending saga

carl say gone you old man your hair so white johny carson too

carnations are for funerals the car nation her days are numbered

better buy a horse 

a JE SUS a G SUS a pa egg a SUS

i declared mars shall law there is some water in the poles

we see many opt tickle ill use shuns in Dove her fox croft using a Galileo Telescope

Russians staring at Mars all sow see many opt tickle ill use Zions in Smelting Pots

Norwegians working on Wind mills cum play NN about opt tickle lil use Shuns

peace is an opt tickle ill use Shun requiring foreign women briefed on fucking technology

there is water on Mars i say let us launch 1000 mariner 4 craft to drop supplies for a handful of midget dwarfs with a fetish for eating their own shit in desert nut and cactus fruits 

when i was conceived i immediately took control of NASA and Moscow and i planned huge aggression since Anchor Water Mexico City and 28 sacred temples were abandoned by humans i was irrate and began kicking mother mary relentlessly

i launched a mars launcher because 7007 years ago i told my sons to colonize mars again before my return and birth on November 7 1965 as i was returning for my wife Maria i called the Mariner 4 since i would have 4 maria and since i 4 gave my enemies short lee after i killed them i am a Brahma a destroyer i planned many tet offensives

i was on time in all my russian and us lauches of rockets and planes and missiles and bullets and rocks thrown from catapults

i was gang bang us khan and i was right on time when i fired dragon eggsm burning stones wrapped in rags and burning dolphin blubber and various oils

you shall keep your commands and deals or the reaper is right on time

i decided i should keep the appendix in the new race so the Apollo landed

then the Phoenix landed

i was born

i am apollo

i am phoenix

i am mars

i should paint a picture of the Annalisa 

lisa is a russian fox

Anna is a japanese runaway ama 

Thor gave her a ride in his Chevy

then she got knocked up sow many times she became a tribe of red heads

then she escaped and hid in iloilo for 7000 years

i looked everywhere under rocks and stones

i looked under logs 

Jo and Nell helped they made Jonell Mosser in Mosscow one day

but she escaped with the starving French Army 

when she learned to spank men for supper

war is great for training flute players in ireland

when war rations get meager

the river dancers are eager

so i store sacred microbes in my appendix

for self destruction or for shit eating on brave new worlds

when soma is short in supply

or if salient green is running low

i am designing gingerbread houses for mars

with glow worms that digest rock surfaces and produce

juicy Jew see Arabic Jelly Bean flavored snot Coffee for a gravy

for my big shit eating smile




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