Elohim Blesses South Africa for 7000 years and lifts its Curses

Elohim Blesses South Africa for 7000 years and lifts its Curses

South Africa did not pay a tribute to Apollo so was cursed

I lift these curses and shall bring rains 

the best mine spots are under my arms in South Africa

University if Maine had money invested there in the year 1984

Paul Scorpion the Prince of Peace of Russia and i protested

we won and UM divested in slavery and white aggression and hate

South Africa is too tribal do not wed women in your own tribe

hav gat her ring to get her to offer peace offerings ( virgin brides)

gathering gat her ring together to get her for weddings

send peace trophy wives to namibia botswana bo ta sa wa na

Zim baby we Zibabwe all provinces of Babylion and Africa

all 300 nations on the worth, all nations and tribes everywhere

i demand 3 nuclear plants in south africa in safe geological places

i can help or GE can help and England Russia or China for wives

the USA can help you make 7 plutonium reactors so energy can be cheap

so prosperity shall grow and employment and reforestation 

i outlaw charcoal

i outlaw retirement

i have millions of pregnant wives in south africa

the father is dutch german russian and a spring buck

you shall love my chidren and white women shall birth black babies

build 1000 flood control dams they shall help later

make most high temples

i am

save all coastal swamp parks for 7 russian/canadian/swedish settlements

in 2269 after the tsunami use short wave radio to signal russia and others to come

have arks ready to relocate

for now mine under australian army and prisons

and the same in south africa and all nations




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