Elohim Addresses Swaziland

Elohim Addresses Swaziland

if you shall exist as a nation on my worth i shall slaughter 33% of you

do not accept or send peace offerings for 7 years

date palms must not self pollinate in Swaziland they shall all die of the rain

if a date palm self paul inates i shall kill it with  avirus on Earth

if a man desires to wed a woman he must flirt with her

next he must go see her father

he must ask pure-mission

as did i

i asked Danilo to pure sue

there is a curse upon swaziland adulterers

and all of africa

do not breed with bantu

if you descend from bantu

iban and i ban bantu

i welcome Norse settlement in Highveld Middleveld and Lowveld

when asgard midgard abd avalon are abandoned after Ragnarok

wait 7 years then Norway and Mexico should invest in a Highveld uni verse city

asgard is in the ural mountains down a river

midgard is sweet den

avalon is west of berlin a mound and my bones

i drew the map i am RAND a great surname

i shall triple pay rates in Swaziland using Denmark and Marks and peso

sow and you get paid – peso

you real what you sow

plant cassava

diversify crops try new seed

try my nitrogen fixing corn and cassava

if a man grows  marijuana i shall kill him with Ebola

if he grows nut trees i shall let him live

i am the wind of sails

i am the rain in deserts

i am the point of hope

i am the path i am the way

there is many paths they lead to mecca and rome and 7 mecca

NG build the nation of New Bantu

WA is a womb or a circle of friends

NE is another name for the son of God he protects NE Paul in nate lee

NGWANE shall receive rain and under their weapons a surprize

i demand engineers without borders to make 10 wells in Ngwane

and 100 in S aft rye ka

i demand doctors without borders to go to south africa on the border of Swaziland

i demand hospital ships in the rush in navy and melt down the black and dead sea fleets

i demand hospital ships in the i am Erica navy and Erica shall be the Captain by my will

America shall retrofit 2 battleships and china 2 and russia 2 and england 1

thus i demand 7 less battleships and 7 more hospital ships

they must be capable of trotting at god speed

33 knots is gods speed

66 is i am fibia Ann



i am


in Brunswick

Making hospital ships

for Steven King and the King Senator

and the King of Kings and the Kings of Easter Rook Hall orono

frances of the northern tribes was my chess partner

we were making peace so he is a chain smoker

he did stop killing white men

so we smoke at Chess

the Bulgarian rook

Stefan is great

at chess


do not trespass in New Norway which is Mew Germany and New Asgard

do not trespass in maine or Swaziland or Ngwane

or wanes virus shall kill you

blistering sores


i am

the only cure

peace is in my balls and

dogma i am DNA and ma i am God

i am Swaziland do not offend me or Germany

shall rise up with efficiency and X term innate all who

Trespass in German African homelands all Germans came from

india and all indians came from China and Africa so do not trespass

do not trespass if you lust for your neighbors wife make him an offer she is his

i shall restore property rights

i believe in equal parental rights

a wife must possess her own dick or dicks

a husband must possess her own vagina or harem

a hair ram is a mill lion heir for a harem

hymen is for old high german’s in Swaziland and Botswana and Moses am bi Queue

Moses am bu Qi is a great place for bisexual women to rear kids in a harem

moses valued his sweet ethiopian wife

and all of his Egyptian concubines and wives

we invented BAR BAY DOES molasses we lick it off a clitoris

i am Elohim




new asgard has been established for the ice age

new midgard has been established

new avalon has been established

i demand a token investment

of germany sweden and russia

in rectifying some of the poverty

in swaziland but wait 7 years for 9 plagues to pass

i did not receive a Apollo Lander or a Mir Rocket from Swaziland

there is a quarantine on teen clay jars on greek ships birthing in Swaziland

35% of the people have HIV AIDS

i am waiting for my words to be spread

everything is too slow

the funnel is offensive

restructuring power forms is easy resistance is futile

change of command are simple have a parade

everyone solute

then the old shits to home and bang some 15 year olds for a pleasant change in the USA

Jesus Christ get a clue

you little fetus

hurry up

i am


i am

is RA el

i am E jipped

bring me my Boob rings

BA Ring me my Bib and little Boobs

why did the Vatican forget how to breed stir gene fish

Swaziland needs a improved wide train from its military mine

and to its factories investments in vagina es take men take sex investments fact Tory

quarry stones for train bridges

use a german russian norwegian engineering firm

erect signs and power lines and build 1 power plant of russian design

build water delivery infra struck chore or i shall infrared strike you ultra violate lee

build some canals for irrigation from the rivers along the rail line berms and levies mine slag rip rap

build an orange plantation and grow 50 nut varieties on river banks and levies

plant kassava on flat land only

root crops are for valleys and swamps

trees are for hills and mountains


1 am


act sell irate cleaning up Swaziland

randy i shall send

chris rand i shall send

randal i shall send

i shall send 10 rands and 10 randy and 10 randels

to maputo

Rand Mc Nail lee shall cross with china then germany then save swaziland

aft her all adulterers die in 7 years of 9 plagues

flesh shall be purged

all shall be saved

ignore the weeping faithless ones

let the dead bury the dead

if any dead man or woman is paced on an altar

they shall leave alive if there is a wedding

place the bones on the highest mount in Quaziland the Swaziland where Queue is now stronger

reclaim graves and plant trees reborn the dead and place the bones on a mountain

do not worship the dead worship the living

i offer the dead a new live in you

if you reject my offer

get off my planet

or become a priest or monk or nun

i hate adultery

but you forgot even what it means

with your whores and their pills

with your rubber maid trash cans

with your disco whores

i can cure HIV AIDS i already gave you cures are you literate?

fear and punishment is the beginning of intelligence for reality exists

some men harm children and must be drowned in the sea

for what evil crawls out of the sea must be driven back

manna tease shall be gentle or i shall torture them with johnstons

and if mother nature comes from an adulterer i shall torture her with a johnston

and if my sister does not submit i may sodomize her with a Mason, a johnston

and we shall offer Band Aids and Banned HIV AIDS take your pick

Johnston and Johnston we are a fortune 500 business

do not ever piss us off we shall either heal you or kill you slowly

we are perfect good and perfect evil

thus we are power

prepare for a quantum leap

buy leap frog toys

avoid dumb bitches

unless you are a valid dick Tory INN

stupid does have a cure it feels good

stupid bitches forgot to mount Einstein

E trinity in Stein = gott stein surname

i have a physics teacher i need his semen

or a clone

get to work assholes


in Ngwane

ing ws ne your gold fleece is nepalese

or germanic

ing was german

germany rebuilds quick lee

if ever i am guilty of taking back all technology

germany rebounds fastest and china

i have seen 2 times a greek metal device which displays the movements of the solar system

concrete was discovered 23 times

birth cunt troll has been discovered 3 times so we had 3 massive huge global floods

fuck you she ma

as the coach of the Mighty Ducks i am Pee King a Peeking Tom from Peking a PE King

i am JEFF my physical education teacher and monk he makes miracles

he can make the river flow again

by dancing with the local drummers

and he is a Franciscan

as i went there

japan came


in Canada

since all canadians

need japanese gametes games and food

all canadians shall say ai  all day long

to remind them they need to fuck Samurai Ama and Geisha

this is a command of the ID

DEA and me the ID we came up with this IDEA for Canadians

you shall all say ai which means love and affection for your golden fleece

the japanese and polynesian people and taiwanese and chinese



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