AL G is the key to Mars Colonization

AL G is the key to Mars Colonization

ALGAE is the Al-Gami solution to Mars Colonization Food sources

in a cave in South America with minimal light AL-malik has been forming Mars Al Gae

we need light to make MARS food and we need algae that can use the light in our chambers

or we can have blind men gene of the Eagles Nest or Steve of MAIN genes

i suggest walls that are making Algae for the colonies of Dhū-l-Ğalāli wa-l-ʾikrām

all surfaces receiving light can be photovoltaic or reflective or alive or all three

Algae must be made that can be painted on surfaces to absorb water and light and make an edible tripe fungus extrapolate see rock tripe in shade see hades granite rock tripe camp roosevelt camp tadma take control of satelite zoom in Umbilicaria that grow on rocks. It can be found throughout northern parts of North America such as New England and the Rocky Mountains. It is edible when properly prepared and has been used as a food source in extreme cases when other food sources were unavailable, such as by early American northern explorers.

Umbilicalcaria is growing in the cold rocks of Canada it is food for mars

Umbilicalculus is growing in the cold rocks of Russian Siberia it is food for mars

AL G provides AL Gani is rich even to the lost boy in the Tundra or in Manna Tao BA

when God so loves you you can be left in a well and become a Pharaoh God King

if all you have is rocks and sunlight you can be like Al-Wāriṯ without limits to happiness

Umbilicaria americana (Frosted rock tripe)
Umbilicaria angulata
Umbilicaria aprina
Umbilicaria arctica
Umbilicaria caroliniana
Umbilicaria cinereorufescens
Umbilicaria crustulosa
Umbilicaria cylindrica
Umbilicaria decussata
Umbilicaria deusta
Umbilicaria esculenta
Umbilicaria havaasii
Umbilicaria hirsuta
Umbilicaria hyperborea (Blistered rock tripe)
Umbilicaria krascheninnikovii (Salty rock tripe )
Umbilicaria lambii
Umbilicaria leiocarpa
Umbilicaria lyngei
Umbilicaria mammulata
Umbilicaria muehlenbergii
Umbilicaria nylanderiana
Umbilicaria phaea
Umbilicaria polyphylla
Umbilicaria polyrrhiza
Umbilicaria proboscidea
Umbilicaria rigida
Umbilicaria scholanderi
Umbilicaria terrefacta
Umbilicaria vellea (Alpine rock tripe)
Umbilicaria virginis

These are a few places to began designing food crops for MARS Colonies

Deep Sea Colonies i shall make smaller

space colonies shall eat their own dung after sterilizing it in radiation

it can also be a paint for rock surfaces to plant rick tripe and nitrogen exists

all dung must be recycled the appendix is a womb or a liver

gay men must stop drinking alcohol and real lies that in 7 seconds they are pregnant

half of gay men are now women missing a vagina but having breasts and a womb

half are still dominant gay men so i shall allow gay marriage only during this miracle

the female gay she males shall develop a fetus in the appendix

they must stop eating non kosher food and obey the law

ask and you shall receive Allah is infinitely good at recycling dung

she males are now fertile and pregnant

gay men still shall not have anal sex but may wed to be a father

i demand all men to father a child Al shall have 15 billion children and moor

i shall make 100 billion people so you need me and my controls

i shall initiate more controls now

i have taken command of Chevron and Exxon

their production shall double

i am taking control of General Electric they shall double

i am taking control of Norway they shall bear fruits everywhere

i am taking control of Mobil and British Petroleum

they shall double

i shall double white dolphins and manna tease shall born twins this year

i shall protect snakes and stop them from eating rare birds

unless the birds cannot survive unless Noah appears soon

i have a plan to deliver seeds to wiped out isles

have 10,000 white passenger pigeons

tie bags of seeds on their legs and release them

grasses that bear fruits and ground cover and clover

beans and malunggay

prolific seeds invasive species

before shock waves cit willows in half

cut weak trees in half

work quickly

release the pigeons they can find land send them with seeds of creeping edible vines

i am Kami



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