The Isis Project by Yashuah a Commandment

The Isis Zoo Project by Yashuah a Commandment of Ark Building before Ragnarok

I the Christ Wesley brother of Christ Christopher John I shall convey the Isis Covenant

this is an existing commandment made by all of your ancestors in your behalf

you are required to obey

1000 Zoos or Animal Shelters ( Temples) shall be built in safe places before Ragnarok

1) The Toledo Zoo shall be moved away from the death basin of 2265 (Ragnarok)

Animals incapable of breeding shall be destroyed this includes untouchables

2) 1000 Animal Species shall be revered and protected in Temple Shelters

3)Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo shall move to a mound 303 feet high and covered with stones or it shall be moved to a knoll rising above 303 feet and it shall not be allowed to keep non-breeding wild beasts unless they attacked an animal. If a gator eats a dog or a cat give him the kittens also. Dogs and cats are food for lizards. If these beasts are not saved i shall kill their keepers also. An Ark is not complete without Semen.

4) The Birmingham Zoo is safely on RED Mountain and the top of the mountain requires a massive temple with underground water storage much greater than Masada. There are many idle men in Birmingham and there is thousands of pregnant women. AZA and SSP should ASAP build a massive temple and water storage site above the zoo and move the endangered species higher and build basements of a thick wall with rebar and place grain silo on the Temple Grounds for the beasts and keep also 3 sheep and 3 goats and 3 horse always. When keeping large cats keep also a herd of goats in the valley to drive up to the temple to sacrifice after the rains cease and bring the gentle beasts into the temple with the people i shall calm the lions

5) The Quebec Zoo should remove its endangered beasts to texas in 2264 and keep the common beasts for the mounties to eat and keep them in barns and keep the roof cleaned off. This shall require a military plane and i suggest landing in colorado in Denver or nearby. Slaughter the elephants if they are too old to breed and eat them.

6) Montgomery Zoo is small the 4 legged beasts can swim but they shall not find mates i suggest sell all hoofed or clove hoofed beasts to Texas Ranches up in the Apache grave site which is holy ground. place a silo up there and a water tank or a well there is a cave there. the small beasts- open there cages and take the gentle beasts with you into a most high temple 300 feet above the river or on a medicine mount build by 10,000 people  engaging in 5000 weddings to build the Montgomery Ark. In Ragnarok all women need a helper and his labor shall be paid in labor. All creatures need a mate, but rogue bulls may be cut in half in mad rid or in any herd of cows or elephants or sharks

7) Alaska Sealife CenterResurrection Bay

Drill oil on this site Alaska shall be pulverized in 2270 when the spring does not come. The meteors the 4 horsemen are pulling 10,000 meteorites. I am wesley paul mallett i bring barrels of food from pizza dome to the last chance animal orphanage on stillwater avenue but then mrs sea wall died and all the animals were given away of killed

concentrate on moving alaskan wildlife to locations in Maine and Wisconsin and the lowest strip of Canada. prior a ties form isolated triplicate breeding populations for every creature but the polar bears. They hunted and killed 100 of my children. The caribou shall go extinct. Rape all oil, rape all minerals, help relocate all DNA and all seeds of Alaska to university greenhouses with a controlled environment. Form a partnership with any university located 300 feet above a river and on a rock – then build a controlled greenhouse and bring every species. Pack also seeds in a perfect isolated climate pack

the ice on you shall eventually be 1 mile deep

save beasts by shipping them south also to peru if they want a sky zoo

work also with china if they want a Tibetan sky zoo like the one Isis built

your allies are  the sky people seek the lama he has gone down to save the people with me

8) Anchor Rage Zoo is a grave of gravel sliding into and out of the sea

Anchor rage is a death trap with massive tsunami from the Allah loose shun islands

pick up all desperate valid dick tory ins and give them a scholarship south

pick up all desperate salute a dick tory anna and give them a south scholarship

All mill lion heirs in alaska should own a cesna plane that can carry 4 or 5 people

protect harbors with larger breaks

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center Animals at the center include arctic foxcoyotebrown bearblack bearmooseelkmusk oxsitka black tailed deercariboulynx and raptors. I suggest bring all these to Hadrian’s Wall where i demand 7 castles 7 gold mines 7 graineries 7 times 7 herds of beasts 7 times 7 times 7 orchards and an airstrip and 7 hell law cop tours and an ark of beasts, and i demand an airlift of these beasts to Hadrians airport in 2264. Also lift 100 Alaskan women ages 3 to 33 and they are your wives and keep

i demand the tuatha de danann to return to ireland immediately i shall melted the ice

i have left them 133 stone huts and i piled up one of them on Thor’s Day after doing some fishing

fear not radon

the people who build igloo must go island hopping and come to ireland or scotland and they can make stone igloo i shall multiply the crabs and clams and seaweed and all the fish and the all wives

the north japanese from Attu and south of there shall have their old kingdom lift out of the sea when the first horseman strikes

The Alaska Zoo has 2 female elephants this enrages me i should trample your children i should rip down your thorn trees i should stomp through your gardens dragging my tusks i should piss all over your farms i should chase and trample your kids and shit on them. You shall not keep sterile pets in zoos. you shall knot.

no zoo is allowed to steal a wild animal caught by Alaskan poachers and dis play dead unless they can be photographed fucking like a lion of Egypt 505 times in a row without sleeping or eating until the deed is done

i shall use my energy to make all wild beasts pregnant now immediately now you can cull the rogue bulls tho never had a mother. if any child of any species lacks 2 parents they are dirty and somewhat stupid to me as my plan is all children shall have 10,000 fathers and 300 mothers

Maggie i shall make pregnant and all Mag birds

9) Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

when the  earth quakes on nov 7 2265 have all beasts in cages

by then your power supply will fail

your water will fail

have solar panels ready and a rain catchment

you shall get 1000 inches of rain in 40 days when the south pacific boils

have sound batteries hay livestock and 10,000 mason jars

keep some dogs

bring all beasts into a well drained manger

all farms and hamlets need a manger

if you have a cougar then set it free

i try to make them full but they are cruel and enjoy killing

10) all coastal aquariums shall be pulverized unless you have a barrier islands. I suggest a new concept i call it Noah’s Ark. I shall speak to MAX Noah at the MAXX Chicken house someday and discuss my designs for retrofitting 3 aircraft carriers to go from port to port all around the world promoting peace and showing off marine innovations as well as breeding populations of Noah’s clean and dirty beasts. They can also carry coast guard rescue copters.

11) zoos can be established for breeding populations in 35 safe mountain ranges

( po pew lay Zions )

12) Texas can have highland ranches with all manner of low land swamp dwelling beasts and breed them paid for by big game hunters to  strike a balance dis spite the evil ones who do not respect my covenant with adam the omnivore

i am om and omni i make your liver by killing myself in generations

13) raise up all the cattle and goats pushing them and the sheep

in ragnarok it shall be cold so you can eat pork if you are christian but as a last resort as it is cannibalism you are all pig positive pot belly pigs so if any pigs exist drive them up to the temples

castles must be high and all castles have treasure unter tem

if there is a mound built by men in Europe or America in ohio  complete it cover it with stones and build a Temple upon it

in england build a temple on every hill summit

on summits build million dollar homes and stock them with 10,000 mason jars begin in 2264

at that time you shall remember all i said

there shall be shepherd smiths on fox news preparing you

fathers shall be fathering

mothers shall be nursing

woe to the fool who steps off the path

i bless the temple of the rat

so you are immune to the plague

obedience to isis brings full grain silo

mocking isis brings a mice plague in australia

isis is an Aboriginal Egyptian Queen

she was an asset to me as she so loved all animals

so in the new year i made Autumn an isis

she loves animals

she loves children

Aircraft carriers shall be sunk if they carry weapons beyond 2265 on November 7th after noon EST

Arks shall be protected  by Jupiter myself and i shall arrive in a fleet of Asgard ships from Alpha Centauri and we shall have new technology as we are making new worlds every 7seconds. WE shall use the gravity of Jupiter and the Sun ti direct meteors and target any cities posing as a cancer or harming children

you are the convicts of isis

you are being watched 24 and 7

all that you say and do and every position of your electrons

is being observed

you are bonded for crimes against children

and you shall kiss mother earth and ask forgiveness

when the man in the sky cries to pray

kiss the soil do not fear your mother

kiss her

failure to kneel may result in broken ankles

in the true movie misery

by Steven King

if a man beats his camel i shall make him a sand flea

then i shall lift up the sand 10 miles and he shall flee

10,000 years later his bones will appear

and confuse a little boy

then he shall piss on them

his name is elijah

be kind to animals

but do not break my commandments allowing ownership

if a pony express rider kills his horse

ask ” did the governor get his declaration of war fast enough ”

if you catch a fish and want to eat it first smash his brains on the gunnels

i hate catch and torture and release fishing

i do that with masons the Freeman

thus they can carry my cross and not even feel it

animals have a soul

some pigs seem smarter than some seminarians

while placed in a square room the 3 pigs select one corner to shit in backwards

i expect the jews muslims and christian 3 little pigs

to build me a house and agree upon the location of the privy

privy ledge is the ass sump shun of the upper class crass sons who abuse their parents

our father said to us at age 14 you shall begin working now if you want college

i shall encrypt all i write into pentagons while keeping a palindrome with 10,000 ax sept shuns or laws

as i walk the universe changes

i shall increase faith as a peace offering

i shall increase mineral findings as a peace offering

i shall extend the life of mares and milk cows as a peace offering

if a horse is a pet i shall speed up its death

if a dog is fixed i shall speed up its death

if a cat is fixed i shall make him sleep all day and then die

if a Canadian cop has no pussy i shall speed up his death

this is the way reality already was

New York Life always charges higher premiums to dick heads with no bossy wife

we are not dumb

fools are not wed and Cull chore allowed me to kill 350 million adulterers with HIV

i shall use Bee hives to help cure hiv and chives

i told you the afterbirth of the wild E beast and lowland gorilla can cure hiv too

also the paper from the hive of the giant japanese hornet and his pulverized body

hives help cure hiv – honey and paper  and any hornets which do not pollinate

chives onions and giant allium can help cure hiv

vulture dung mixed with japanese giant hornet

and wildebeast afterbirth and birth water

black bear bile can help prevent hiv aids



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