FA is the great high school and the ark is high enough to be safe

FA is the great high school and the ark is high enough to be safe

FA in faith is Foxcroft Academy which is a private school with tuition and dorms

FA teaches fast runners with virtues of spec shall genes sow shall lists

FA even has baptists and calm union nest birds little japan nice girls

FA is an anointing place i used for 20 years and today still

you need my blood it is all i have to give you shall take all of it

my blood brothers shall be immortal and in a gauntlet

no fighting may ever occur in any temple on the Earth

no weapons shall ever be allowed in any temple 

but shriners and masons shall be allowed swords in temples 

they must be on the table not in the hand 

they may be on the floor but must be in a quiver

men shall not sharpen a sword together unless teaching

many murders occurred while sharpening a sword

when loving a woman you shall lock the door

if you have no doors your servants shall look away

except during training

Welcome to Foxcroft Academy

Home of the Ponies the painted horses

directly in front of lovers lane

on the banks of the love canal

the piss cat a quiz river

the great flood shall extend up to the first floor of the dorms

pine street up high is safe

blow up the dam by Moosehead and remove Moosehead

cut a path behind the little red schoolhouse

downtown dover is doomed without a cut behind pleasant street

both dams should be removed

1987 taught you nothing

i gave Bob Pride a list of 66 suggestions


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