Elohim Remembers Dining With the Russian Orthodox of Bangor

Elohim Remembers Dining With the Russian Orthodox of Bangor

there was a sign leading UP

i was standing with Jewish leftists on my left selling moon pies

i was standing with Catholic Friars who bake risen bread for my Mother Mary on my right

the old book store behind me was closing everyone loves being so stupid

i decided to visit the Russians

Paul Score PIN my poetry class study partner was Czar apparent of Russia

a relative a cousin of Putin the acting Czar of Russia i placed by controlling

all molecules in russia and all atoms and all protons neutrons and emectrons

nd electrons and quarks and sparks and new tree knows and splenda particles and golgi energy beings in russia and even the massive tundra grasses one of which is a fungi weighing in as the largest life form in the milky way

paul is of russia i made rush concerts so mike and i could dance as rush shia took over afghanistan to butcher some neanderthal that got away from my death rays. The tail i ban is supposed to only be in the tail of the scorpion kings paul scorpion and wesley king of kings a scorpion king with a tail as a fetus and if any man lacks a tail he is not a fish so in case of any alien invasion look for a lack of a tail for the children of pandora have no tail so i am the last monkey and the last fish man

Yield to the Titans or be destroyed in arm mega done

Titans have no foreskin

Titans have no tail

Titans are not pry mates but may retain some monkey genes

so that we can offer blood to save our humans

yeti say titans shall be yeti all sow

i shall integrate yeti genes and abductions have began in Asgard ships

crop circles shall began

grain shall be improved retroactively in the year 5000 BC


extra po late my pussy is late

pilot is still at top gun if he gets drunk one more time i shall crash his plane

he is dead

pilot is still playing pinball and wasting his semen

he is dead

pilot is mocking me and doing a victory roll

he is dead

pilot is attacking a hospital

he is dead

do not violate Russian Air Space unless you are a shia woman who loves large rockets

Rush Shia shall not fight with Japan instead they shall lick the ass of Geisha

this is a logical sow loose shun to the tensions of erect cocks at peace meetings

Rush shia if ever having a tense mom men take shall mir lee find a whore and knock her up

aft her all we due need moor rocket scientists and projectile project isle mother fuckers

Russia shall purchase some 100 islands uninhabited and build 20 cities above 300 feet

below north korea

do not arm these islands instead drill for oil i just doubled oil on Earth and in all Asian Waters

global warming causes meteors to explode before impact

global warming can accelerate tree growth if water is present

i demand 33 plutonium breeder reactors in southern russia

GE should offer to help build Georgia ans Georgia gas turbines

around gas turbines and scrubbed exhaust of coal pump the exhaust into sand for growing hydro crops in mile long greenhouses

when a gas fired power plant exists on the Maine east west highway or the Russian lower highway above china use the heat and exhaust directly into greenhouses with edible cactus then a variety of crops after increasing carbon in the greenhouse

greenhouse gasses are for greenhouses but you humans are too god damned stupid

i ma Jehovah

i am him jehovah elohim yashuah joshuah elijah jonah

i am Russian they greet me with a hug and they kiss my face and give me bread

that was my experience while visiting the Russians of bangor they fed me and hugged me and kissed me

sow i shall also say i brought the queen of Ukraine here and many girls and her girl

she was my lover but i was proclaimed unabel to work so i decided i would play the role of Cain

I was Abel and Cain i decided so i became i am the double agent actually a 300 Agent from Sparta

i became a spurting spartan self starting pussy eating Russian lover licking Ukraine’s best Hair Pie

however i was so poor i had sold all my things to buy Taco Bell my anointed

paul score pin the scorpion king was on forest avenue we drank wine red wine

his father taught russian language

due to limitations of this body i need 7 bodies, so i am writing secret scrolls in a cave called a vagina

in the area around the dead sea you shall find many more secret scrolls in caves called vagina

in Russian tear a Tory we made English maids our Caves for storing innate Russian pro Tao calls

in secret caves from Rome to Moscow there is 707 and 7007 and 101 and 66 and 7 caves of secrets

they should all be invent Tore reed with skin flutes pilgrims should  take photographs

my glory in caves is infinite i have my hand prints 1 mile deep in Russian Caves

i was mining bat guano when Europe was still trying to catch their first goat

if i was smarter i would hang out with Adam at the weeping wall to hug the women with large breasts

i am


friars of bangor move up above franks bakery

your area is the devils chute of the ken dusk keg

ken is a sword

dusk is darkness and death

keg is an explosion waiting to happen

i blew up the Maine in Have ANA

Orthodox Russians move up downtown bangor is in the devils chute

the penobscot shall flood more than 300 feet

you are where the ken dusk keg meets the love canal

penobscots go and fuck the world in pairs of two braves go and marry all 300 nations

the islands of rivers are safe for BRAVES until November 2265

you are indeed brave

it is time for gatherings and weddings again of all tribes

no brave shall take a woman and say he is unwed or her father should go kill him

this is the law

Jews of bagel central of bangor

you are in the devils chute of the ken dusk keg

get up on the high land even the airport mall is too low

all states survey your investments

high land is good’

low land is temporary for 14 generations

if you do not care about your descendants slit your throat




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