Canada shall require faith or an engineers solution to Earthquakes

Canada shall require faith or an engineers solution to Earthquakes

Mackinac Toll Bridge has an Eagle Guarding it and anyone moving north shall pay a deadly toll

Southbound Tolls shall be free for 14 generations then the bridge shall disappear

Earthquakes shall take out all Bridges from Lake Superior to The Saint LAW Rinse Sea

this is a serious problem i think about every 7 seconds for 14 generations

Saint Mary River shall flow then all islands in the great lakes shall disappear

the earth quakes shall shatter the igneous cap stone on a vast salt deposit

this shall kill all fish in the great lakes

you have little time to collect fish as the oxygen depletion in the pacific shall reach Canada in less than 3 days but it shall begin to block out the sunrise in Nova Scotia

on November 7 2265 at 10 AM EST the first horseman strikes

shock waves shall reach canada and be amplified in a liquid core beware of making tall buildings in low places a food builds in the sand or on a salt dome

you may mine under the salt under 3 great lakes for 10 generations then a ban done i decree

Quebec has a high point i anointed Quebec and all of its people up to 505 miles from me

land on the Saint lawrence River must be 303 feet high above the spring level for building

ports on earth where rivers merge with oceans shall be quickly struck with bay waves with varied results coral is growing faster by my command

i shall decimate any coral nipping fish species you may spear them all you can find please

it is difficult for me to cull specific species of fish without building new pyramids or fusion reactors on other worlds for energy

the toll road of Saint Marie shall have a raven as a Troll

anything passing north shall pay a deadly toll

until shock waves strike the road shall stand then disappear

all gravel along all rivers in canada and the usa and europe and russia and japan shall become liquid and flow off riversides and any glacial till piles shall flow as a liquid and pulverize all in its path

gravel in a meteor shower is a grave but some foundations are so solid they shall be as a boat on a shaking board thus flat gravel in a tundra may allow floating to occur on permafrost but i am warming to shatter certain meteors to lesson depth of craters

many highways shall have landslides where least expected

gravel flows in june owe beware of june 19 it is the date of a practice training Earthquake

We shall also have a hurricane to train rescue crews and test the houses the 3 pigs built

George Bush and ME operate a tight Ship so we offer the worlds greatest rescue operations

if you dis agree go to hell i need armies of hell law cop tour pilots for rescues in Exodus

i need bush pilots who can rescue people when the Saint Lawrence is impassable

i need the Canadian Army to have portable bridge sections prefabricated and stored in above ground hangers over 400 feet above Lake Superior

i need 50 amphibian rescue craft for the great lakes region

i need 50 amphibian rescue craft for the Baltic and North Sea

i need 10,000 rescue hell law cop tours that can land or hover and lift

if you sing the blues i shall abuse you to prepare to save canada and you shall like it

i need large unarmed cargo ships for moving 500 Arctic Cats

to anywhere in canada with a plowed runway 2 miles long

i need portable ship docks that the canadian army can deploy when all existing docks have been destroyed and a massive flood has passed and is lowering

i need all low lying and all lies to stop and low military bases are for mining all armies wishing to survive thall base themselves over 1000 feet and away from rivers and gravel deposits and the best military bases for rescue purposes are from 1000 feet high to 7000 feet and more than 10 miles from any ocean ans 300 feet above any stream or river

rivers are streams

depressions are ponds and lakes

wadi are rivers

snakes are deadly study the maps snakes may be farm land never cities

levies like the levites become stale dikes and gays sodomizing alter boys do not rely on dikes i asked ellan degenerate for 10 minutes of her time and still she is not pregnant so Denmark is broke

avoid snakes in cane fields and wear pants at harvest time

snaking rivers in france are deadly the manistique river and indian river are deadly

i have an idea involving passing the Saint lawrence

it is to place some draw bridges suspended 350 feet above the river

and pour the large footings on the bedrock with fred flintstone as aggregate

use round igneous rocks no softer than flintstone

add the termite mounds of africa to the concrete

of termite saliva genes are added to pigs it is possible to make pig saliva increase concrete strength

since pigs my not be eaten by anyone unless one of my devils led them ass tray astray

pigs can be used for heart valves but shall be rejected if mother mary fed you BLT

BLT and Bull lets are forbidden of Hindu Sikh and Jains and i praise them

but, however, you shall benefit from my blood and my liver and i am not alone

i need some Iron Chefs from India to purify my meat feast while strictly following jewish islamic hindu sikh and christian overlapping diets i need apricot and peach pits soon

i shall not follow a jain diet but in 7000 years i shall outlaw eating any creature and by then plants shall be able to provide the daily requirements of a kind in less than 1 day of growth from 1 seed

south of the great lakes shall shake and salt water gush up a brine people shall scream and say we were wrong but it is too late all roads impassable all bridges down all tall buildings ripped down by the brahma boot company





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