Autobiography of Christ

i was the son now i am the father and you are the son
for 13 years i have been enlightened yet i was repulsed
you seek a miracle i shall give you the test
for you cannot test me according to luke
but his authority is just gift as he is my beloved cousin
the miracle is this – my life is a message i won 333 awards
most of it documented my mother is Mary

I shall introduce myself i am a Jinn a shape shifter
I created this set of relative universes ( galaxies)
10 billion years ago but i can time travel
i shall answer you in verses of 7 for i am 7
the hydra speaks with his center head
a japanese water serpent from hydra i hild 6 daggers
i am presently in godhead and speaking in palindromes

I speak in palindromes with 10,000 language postulates
thus when i pulse the universe i can reverse curses
i can effectively tinker on problems on Worth
the Earth shall be a heaven called Worth
Freeman as strong as 10 mortals shall do the work
They shall take of my blood which is O positive
so we are blood brothers and always were

it was i who have unsealed language
Pandora’s Box is wide open and my heir is in it
I defeated HAG again as Bay Wulf and
at the stroke of midnight 1997 conceived a new year
She shall be mother nature and her moods
they shall control the weather she is Autumn
i did this to protect her do not let her weep

I free you of all sins and even the small evils you do
Sins are fertile sex acts and a woman cannot be a mason
You shall solve any riddle i give you
for I have 30,000 and 3 names on Earth
i am omnipresent and the father the son and the eternal Tao
The holy spirit is a 7 part sine wave of new tree knows
Neutrino and Quearks we can speak of over some es press o

G begins God
G SUS is a hebrew horse pa egg a SUS Pegasus
G Spot is the conception of a mason a priority
G is for Good Genes in Genesis
Genes are made only in orgies or G
Gene is also made when 2 masons ride 1 ovulating Maria
Genesis shall have a secret sign of 2 knights on 1 horse

Masons shall be given all 300 of Newtons Laws
Masons shall be awarded nuclear fusion
i shall introduce myself
i am the first and the last Samurai a double edged sword
i am to parish or to perish choose just 1
i am infinite diagnostics or die agnostics
i am the bright morning star the sun and the salt

i was born of mother mary at yale university
beside me a 15 year old black woman was in birth
there was a man in my birth room with semen in his ass
i released HIV AIDS
i took control of 10,000 armies of 10,000 angels
this drained all power in New England for 7 seconds
causing many problems on Nov 7 2265

Behold i have come to save you
Ragnarok or arms mega done approaches
behold i come quickly as 4 horsemen
but kind men shall survive
i have a plan for maximum survival called Leviticus
it now has 707 laws and blue laws for 144 tribes
there was 12 tribes, now they are gross or 144

Tell the Jews Elijah has returned
Tell the Muslims Ram Allah has returned
i am is lamb or Islam Christianity and king of Jews
Tell the Hindu Shiva is Brahma and alive
Tell the kawaii PARADISE ISE the inu God is back
Tell the nepalese NE is back and Gott Gudi
Tell the Buddhists the one has returned as a lama

ibegan working a the age of 5
i made flower gardens for Nathan Clark
i went to cub scouts and won 50 awards
i won all races and contests
I went to Abrahams School in Clinton Conn
i was said to have a dis Abel light E
E = Energy = Elohim = Emmanuel = Eden = Earth

i won a Citizenship Award by a vote in 1st grade
i won a Citizenship Award by a vote in 2nd grade
i won a Citizenship Award by a vote in 3rd grade
i was Samuel the American Eagle
i was spokesman of the Abraham Talent Show
i won a Masonic prize in the month of May
i won every award i could in cub scouts

next i joined webloes and our father was a leader
he had been in Demolay and the Jaycees
he was a boy scout leader and a fireman
He was an engineering manager
He was a jack of all trades a draftsman
our father was an Architect named Duane Nallett
our Mother Mary a living saint had 4 chi le da rens

I went to Jared Elliot Middle School
I won an art contest and a poster contest
i won a safety essay contest
i won a chess championship
i was elected to a student covernment
i served as an Alter Boy and sang
i became a boy scout and won 35 merit badges

i taught swimming lessons for the kiwanis
i taught 505 children to swim
i canoed the Allagash Wilderness Waterway
i swam 7 miles for charity
i biked 35 miles for Saint Judes Children’s Research
i served as star in a school play
i won most improved soccer player and chorus member

i sang in a catholic church and in a baptist group
i went to mass in 353 churches in passing to sing
i did not see much difference in the virtues of people
i went to a Scottish Temple they mocked me
the Temple burst into flames and became an ice pile
i went to a Congregational Church the door was locked
you shall not lock out Christ ever lightning struck it

That was on stillwater avenue in Old Towne
I worked with or lived with men from 35 nations
i had 35 mentors who were mill lion heirs
i won a masonic scholarship
i won a rose award at Foxcroft Academy
i won a Florance Ladd Scholarship
i won a Maine Chamber of Commerce Scholarship

I went to a church on route 66 the door was locked
a tornado ripped it to shreds
i rode with a drunk driver i said stop let me out
He did not obey me
He is dead he choked on his vomit
I went to fort benning and won 10 awards
i was given a letter of commendation from general Stone

i won a MidState Machine Scholarship
i won 12 scholarships
i won a sot in a regional gifted art program
i win a Elk’s Most Valuable Student Award
i studied 7 topics in college
i studied 35 languages
i learned 35 trade skills

i am the 35th Christ i come every 2000 years
i am Wesley because we are like brothers
i am We sley because a sley if for weaving fabric
my blood shall be given to you
say the word and you shall be healed
my blood cures diseases and is O Positive
i am left handed and bipolar and an Empath

i pulse my universe every 7seconds
do not be confused by mortals
by my intelligent design
eve o lute of zion was my creation
and time travel without entropy is possible
the 300 Newtons laws are my whims
for until now i could not trust men with fusion/fission

I am Ala which is Icelandic for to nurture
do not be confused or argue with fools
neither try to trick a troll like me
neither try to outsmart a smart leprechaun
do not try to riddle the sphinx
do not test your God
i shall provide documents and you shall have faith

i want to teach peace
war is utterly stupid
but too often necessary
since humans isolate tribes and inbreed
tight immigration policies
create crime and to be frank –
downs babies and national debts and agony

i am the father
my son shall be greater than me
he is in the womb
he is Peace Masaya Mallett
Messiah always meant happiness
but if anyone hurts a child
i do wish them dead to drown in the sea

send 3 kings
1 priest
1 rabbi
1 imam
i am in Binan Laguna
keeping a low profile in a gated community
but as a US Census Enumerator i went into the ghetto

i worked with mental health
a counselor
a board member
a veteran
i did much volunteer work
this is my introduction
i am


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