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Elohim warns the Warriors of Christ-Shun Churches

Elohim warns the Warriors of Christ-Shun Churches

if you are of Gaul isle lee you are at least my 100th cousin

if you plot against me or judge me i shall wash away your grave plot in judgement

if you argue with the Wiseman the Goodman or the Newman you shall be re war dead

Elohim is a racist who hates inbred deformed mutant or reject sneakers at New Balance

The rap chore is not for Robin he is sterile the Rap Chore is for the Rap Stars

Rap music displays a set of genes that allow multitasking in Testosterone Junkies

Rapture is not when sexless old geezers prophecy while walking around lost

from brain lesions caused by aluminum cans with beer yoohoo orange crush and 7UP

Papa Samir will show that the RAP CHORE is when 10 men in City Center Duplicate contracts

Papa Samir will show that the RAP CHORE is when 10 men in City Center Duplex condo forms

Papa Samir will show the RAP CHORE is when 10 men in Paris Paris sign Duplicate contracts

Rap Chore is when Celine Dion braces herself for four fans as her husband cheers

( during her ovulation on a tuesday )

Rap Chore is when a miss leading bitch shuts up and bends over for her husbands desires

Rap Chore is the slapping balls of ball players who won the championship

Rap Chore is for the valid dick Tory ian

Rap Chore is for the salute a dick tory Ann

i have complete and total control over all language

if any woman doubts me it is because i do not need her or i have another man for her

or i do not wish for some women to breed for some crime such as apathy

apathy has 10,000 levels and i am the judge

i outlawed smoking any substance


ignorance of my new laws is no excuse

muses are expected to turn on their Craftsman fans

muses are expected to in the rap chore knock up a harem of fans on sale 4 for 1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            i warn warriors if you do not due knot i may rip open your war rears in any form of sodomy i can use

mustard gas was fun

the lutherans in Saint Paul are working on Ketchup Gas

that is where the American Ketchup and catch up Boards are Established

in Bunkers like my cousin MIKE a Mike Robe warrior protecting Maria

blessed is he who marries an unwed mother in the lord’s name

blessed is he who marries an unwed mother in the name of Christ or Allah

blessed is he who marries a pregnant woman in the name of Abraham or Yashuah or Shiva

blessed is he who weds 4 unwed mothers when his brother is dead

if a man has 4 wives and his brother is dead he can take his brothers wives if they agree

until the year 2265 when Ragnarok arrives screaming across the sky

if any nation has no religious toll law rinse for islamic marriages in paul egg gomm me

i shall award them 7 months to fix this

if any nation lies and says it supports God and his good Mormons who hate Alcoholism

that nation shall have 7 months to allow Mormons to screw 4 babes on the kitchen table

In America Genesis is a Magazine and if i was the editor i would promote Muslims in images of married sex to fight ill lust stray shuns ( adultery)  while a dull Tory will wear a condom and bang the unwed French Maid, Muslims and Mormons use shew all lee just fuck screw or bang their own 4 wives in the Tent Revival. The fill less teens are now Coptics, Orthodox Christians, and Mormons. Teen pregnancy is a problem with agnostics because they off ten abort. Teen sin the sis of proteins allow for safer pregnancy than when old hags chose a car rear and had their exhaust pipe rear end dead too much killing all their eggs.  Women shall not drink ever but the Eucharist is an el licks her with benefit it is a small tonic with glow ball significance in immunity of mass populations for gut microbe genesis

if a Senator says ” i am proud ” pay him no more at ten Zion and ask him to sit down

i shall flood the homes of the proud

i shall tie rocks to their harness and whip them

i shall make them carry mortar bases up mountains

then shoot a hole in their head i said i want peace be mine

mine under my arms and stop buying condoms and marry all girlfriends

what is a girlfriend if you are fucking her she is called a wife or you insult her and me

if you insult or mock Hindu marriage laws i shall assemble 1000 War elephants on a huge field

say the word and i can nuke nearly all of you and leave 1000 men ans 72,000 women left in perfect health

then we shall say ” THIS IS PARADISE ”



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