Elohim Expresses his love for Misty Edwards

Elohim Expresses his love for Misty Edwards

i love Misty Edwards i shall not take her but if she is in my garden 

i shall take her if my wife Maria instructs me to

if Maria is a hag i shall kill every living thing on this planet already i harvested all DNA 

RNA and smaller products

i shall not allow such rebellion

i shall decimate those response abel for denying me first fruits

the only first fruit i received was Christ Teen King

the Susan Lord i Sam poled was defiled and damaged emosionally

Christ Teen King made me use birth cunt troll

Abel ( all man apes ) have denied me first fruits against

i  must kill them all

they are already sterile

i am not  satisfied

i want to kill them in 1 million new ways

that might blow a fuse and scorch the Earth

remember that time we forgot to carry the 1 and we scorched the Earth with a math error?

yes but if we had solomons house and the priests took a vow of sigh lance

we could be busy and stop evangelizing limp people

we need meiosis this abstract anal lick tickle geometry and call cute lass

this evangelizing for prison reform is getting old

remember when we just killed all the prisoners

suddenly we had law and order

yes it did work

but who will mine all the gold to save the pew people with alchemy

al malik has a new name AL Chemy and the Syrian Dog Nasser is his ALe lee Ass

muslims do make the best chemical engineers if they have inherited a hindu hard drive

hindu have superior long term memories tell the india pot smokers to stop


if you want me to come home send a porter a potter a squatter a pilot and a samurai

then take me into custody

i am guilty of starting 10,000 wars

i am guilty of causing all diseases 

i am keeping you from an IQ of 333

the Ale lion invasion you need is in my balls

you need my alien mitochondria and RAM genes

if i demand you to hurry there is 10,000 reasons to obey

do not ever trust your logic over my logic



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