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Elohim Allah is the Sphinx and Jeremy Riddle

Elohim Allah is the Sphinx and Jeremy Riddle

i am the Riddler without me Batman is a double soul that is a waste

in my haste i stole his atman

i just wanted the batmobile to be solar powered

i said to the UM Engineers make me a Solar Car and bake me a cake

so they won a few races with their spider genes

one day i touched a spider then i touched a female engineer

i am a gene splicer by touch and i do it at church with signs of peace

whensoever two or more of you hold hands i can bond you

sex is over rated and ovary rated only touch what you want to increase

this is a trick to use a coup stick to touch an enemy so you shall increase

if Jeremy Riddle speaks in tongues and you do not understand

first shake his hand then buy some dictionary

we are here to study and train not to sit on a sofa watching tight ends

i am not joking

joe king marries some of my wives for me so my children have a good father

Jeremy is a good haplotype i have 10.000 riddle makers to teach children

The Sphinx is a teacher who writes riddles and i am the Sphinx

i love Jeremy Riddle and Kevin Prosch

let us return to SIN A GOG many GIG haplotype women are fertile as Dreidel Dolls

i would like to see some Christian Jewish bands on tour and tearing hymens

aft her we destroy TROY and ransack their defiled Temple of birth control

hall lay lu ya ot lulu saul the unwed Augustinian teacher abandoned by evil adulterous men

but the man can have 2 wives if the Vatican would obey me

the Vatican may require total destruction by contrition or pulverization

for the sake of Augustinians i am waiting

^^^(((313)))^^^ store in aa gold nugget on Augustinian property and in a large Red Ruby in India

may is a month i may change to assure if i need to fuck your ass u are Ever making me wait you sloths

you banana slugs you walk with some sort of stick in your ass

olympic winners i award gold egg laying geese

olympic gold and silver winners i demand to give seed to a sperm bank

nobel peace prizewinners all sow in sperm banks

sperm banks must not give seed to single mothers or pairs of two women unless i send my nuns’

on a mission of mercy

i accept gay nuns but i shall make them pregnant and choose the member and the seed bag variety brand and long term productivity in a given climate and offer advise to keeping alive

if women in a monastery are gay they shall own lee be allowed to lay together in relative privacy when pregnant with the lords baby so i shall do a miracle now and make them all pregnant all nuns and sister angelica shall be reborn and her aging reversed at an enormous speed she shall soon be a young woman by my energy and command of thyroud glands and the parts of the parts of the parts of the parts of elements and everything else which can be energy or its reflection

thus i am the lord the way (Him)



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