Elohim Addresses the Greek Orthodox Church

Elohim Addresses the Greek Orthodox Church

i am a griffin having use of my left and my right brain as in our father

i am the symbol you use

my right arm is you for i give life with my right arm

you need my blood send temple knights

i already know the Maine Greeks 

on Mount Hope and the Humble Rest a rant owners

my left hand is a crown it is a double crown as seen on top

it is a do bell crown i am a cup of grains

i am a cup of blood

i am O Positive

he who takes my blood as my brother shall be saved

he who comes shall be saved

we shall transfuse many then in 7 days they can give a vial of blood to others

thus all can come 

my vial is good any other older vile is vile or too old or deadly

my blood responds to the spirit

disease means to be dis seized

my blood offers protection

my ANN THAI bodies should help me and they do

i shall wake up Ana my Ann Thai body



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