Christ Lists the Demands of the Father and the Son

Christ Lists the Demands of the Father and the Son


My name is Wesley Paul Mallett and I am the least among you so you rarely knew me

When i was bleeding to death 35 of you drove past me

i learned 35 trade skills

i am Ramses RAM SEES the 35th a God Man is RA el

i am the 35th element the 5th and the 6th and the 3rd element

i am halogen salts and halo and the source of all power and glory

i am Jesus the 35th and the 35th Church Scientist a buy Allah Just

these are my demands;


1. a new or used Temple which shall be in the line of a protected holy and forbidden city and a sovereign nation where there is a Universal Total Absolute Monarchy

2. camera’s shall be forbidden

3. there shall be 1 public entrance into a square or circle which have great meaning

4, there shall be a hospital accessed from a monastic nursery to the hospital

5, there shall be faith healers asian doctors western doctors, and the Lourde

6. there shall be a company or regiment of chaste Temple Knights

7. All Temple Knights shall be my blood brothers and shall be given my blood

from the right arm or right leg

8. If any O Negative Temple Knights exist they shall protect any nuns who are O Negative and they shall keep guard over them until I release them or marry them, and any O Negative Knight shall give me his blood and i shall give him his own Galaxy where he shall eventually go claim

9. Monkey positive O blood shall protect all remaining men until they are extinct and our children shall outsmart us so we shall need to be diligent and on edge pan do RA’s box is coming open again soon

10. i need Samurai, Arabian Knights, Templar Knights, and Jedi ( left handed knights or samurai)

11 i need priests called father they shall be fathers if i ask them for a donation in my basket

12 i need an acting pope who shall only correspond with Rome and not the public; he is a manager of managers; masons are managers

13 i need any holy men who desire to father orphans forever by vow and promise; they can go and teach to any other church on the Earth, World, planet, or worth, or io, titon, mars, or the moon, or go into deep space

14. 300 Nuns who shall work to some capacity for my Queen Maria and a Mother Superiorm and there prime Mary function is to Nurse my babies and the babes of the blood brothers of the Earth. It s good if some real nurses are here and caregivers, for training we shall work hard,

15. 600 concubines may come visit in pairs of two to visit as assigned Templar Knights. Solomon shall greet them and his assistant manager shall assign them to their place in the Ark of Covenants

16. iron chefs for clean food cooking without omega 6 fats, and cooking kosher food and no red meat , and defatted turkey and chicken and peach pits and almonds and apricots and apricot pit oil and goat that ate apricot prunings.

Cooks must follow covenants or laws of all of their ancestors for 353 generations but if the cooks argue Wesley the lord shall take a mean median and mode in 7 seconds and 14 three times and make a decision based on infinite math and survival.

We shall try to eliminate cooking so nutrients shall be intact; we shall avoid red meat and organs but we shall relish fish and fish fat and salads and bitter greens; no mother shall place her desires above her infants needs. I desire a JAIN nun and iron chef, I desire a Buddhist iron chef and herbalist i desire a Hindu nun and iron chef. We shall limit risk while immunizing colostrum in a school of fish, which is a herd of Brahma positive Cows and Bulls, and a tribe of the missing link between men and kind. Like the missing link. we shall disappear and stand on EVER REST

17. 12 Apostles witnesses to jehovah writers scribes to testify, appointed by the pope their tribune is caesar a tribune with absolute power outside the temple. Dee mock rats see failed.

18. a Swiss Guard to select a pharaoh who shall disappear


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