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Adam and IAN are Guardians in the Kingdoms of God

I love Adam and Ian from Various as heard on Tent 130 in Elijah Streams,  They have released remixes of a large variety of artists (sometimes uncredited) such as Thom YorkeAdeleVirus SyndicateDave CloudCat PowerEmma Pollock and Ian Brown and participated with one track on the Vexille Movie Soundtrack.

Adam is the first man i have 10,000 Adams ans 10,000 redundant spare Adams and 10,000 of them i have used in Nineva to draw seed from them into EVA the mental patient at Makati Hospital who plays the role of a lost woman who trades smiles for food from many men who see her and move her she is like an abused child who never learned Sanskrit  for she was locked in a cage caring for her siblings who died in her arms she is in agony. I say take her to a convent in her province where she can speak. She is pregnant the lord is the father, and Adam, and Honey ant DNAm and the Guardian Spirit and man IAN of Various, We three kings and the Honey ants have given our queen EVA a chi le da ren in Nineva

i am the lord


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