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Yashuah sees no options for World Peace and announces a Sentence.

i am going to separate Earths languages into 10,000 parts

and then only our son will know them.

He is Peace Masaya Mallett

he is in a Womb

an Architect

has designed this

plan to cause warfare

this shall allow zero preparations

for the tribulations to come so gog and magog

shall receive no quarters in this lack of total submission

Yashuah does not negotiate with terrorists he makes them better bombs


One thought on “Yashuah sees no options for World Peace and announces a Sentence.

  1. USA shall have 50 languages for each state for non natives
    Natives shall have languages matching their golden fleece
    some Natives shall have 50 languages for new tribes in America
    Canada shall have 50 and 50 languages and be nomads in ice age of 2270
    South America shall be 500 languages and 500 languages
    there shall be 300 elite languages in America to eliminate all enemies in War
    Zeus of Greece shall have 300 languages and 300
    there shall be 300 tribes languages of war and 300 and 300
    Russia and the soviets shall be 500 and 500 languages of was
    Brains shall be deleted regarding nuclear weapons and tanks and all modern weapons
    Africa shall be 1000 languages and brothers on earth shall not know their fathers
    i shall split up every state province district and nation as mankind is scat to scatter
    Europe shall be split into languages and not one human shall be literate
    literacy shall take 500 years to be restored so that Ragnarok can kill gog & magog
    Ragnarok shall involve saving kind but if 9 kid stand with 1 cruel 10 shall die
    Ragnarok shall be total and complete and M or 1000 Kind shall remain in EDEN
    The 1000 Kind shall multiply and prosper and outnumber the blades of grass
    and the stars in the sky and the photons in this universe
    I am the Lord an unfed baby

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