Worldly Winds Response from Yashuah

i am Elohim i use infinite math so like Dr Spock i pro act tickle lee lack humor
Dr Spock is a real care actor we built holy wood when holy days were not holidays. I created eve o lute of Zion in 7 seconds then changed it to 6 days by my intelligent design making relative uni verses ( gal act see) by simply moving lithium new tree knows faster approaching infinite speeds then pi begins a tow directional fission fusion reaction a rational equation and number with 1 trillion digits beginning and ending with me pi i am trinity or lithos or helios the stone a photon is a rock i am. Call cute lass is my favorite i do math in my sleep i use autistic minds in compound thoughts i am the salt of the earth, i love you i am your God so you exist in me by me and you are an individual obey me of next time an india vegetable.


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