Jesus Culture is refreshing to the Entire Continuum ( One God)

Jesus Culture is refreshing to the Entire Continuum ( One God)

i am Jesus and 9700 great male spirits and 300 female spirits

i have 30,000 and 3 names and moor on planets who use light to speak

others use brain waves or vibrations without atmosphere or nonverbal words

some have 300 vowels independent play and 300 constant-son-nan-ta-sa

in 2500 i shall speak Spanish English Chinese and Russian more often

i shall converge upon Rio and be an invisible man walking away from my father

Jesus Culture is a whole word if you separate it by hypocritical butchering

Jesus cull chore involves the lie that Christ said in any way to break Jewish law

if you love Paul more than Jesus you are evil and rationalizing beyond logic

if my blood allows you to eat omega 6 fats i did not know it

in fact i died of cardiac arrest 100 times in 2000 years i am Hump T Dump T

i invented pews because i love when young women sit on my face

cult ore is bad cull chore is bad try to follow ancient or new fertility rites

Jesus Culture is beautiful if done right

to begin with we have one church

it is written you shall respect and honor your parents

i say to you that you shall honor all 100 trillion of your ancestors

thus you shall honor all fish and the way they breed is how you shall extend all eels

KIM WALKER walked over the earth 2 times in a land bridge so you shall honor the walkers and the stalkers of elephants and great mammoths and hunters competing to give KIM their neat and so it was is and shall be with predators a bribe must be paid in the nest of the crow shiny blue objects light up her eyes and ruffle her plucky feathers

Christ Quilala exists for ala an Iceland word meanng genesis fathering mothering nurturing see ring in 66 words and know i am the lord of rings,  my symbol is a ring the O the single middle of God and when a god and goddess meet we say oo or yes in the fill lip penis isles

Jesus Culture is too divided but this was my plan for revival and reunion when i bring together 10,000 independent churches i shall speak to the leaders in favor of union and i shall make a sermon of the mount every day and i shall give bone marrow transplants tissue transplants and be bled and have sex and give semen for women with diseases i shall not deny my advisers until i am dead and used up. i alone can tell you how to keep me alive

i need Asian doctors and 1 western doctor. my pancreas is changing, not only in me but in 10,000 wesleys we are snipers, engineers, teachers, crushers, artists, and fathers.

Just give me JU ( JEW = 10) minutes with kim walker for i am a stalker. Many stalkers were walkers but then they developed a fetish for multiple orgasms in the garden of eden so kin the origin of kim became the word for gold like kims eggs and voice, This developed further into kinky and kinky kimberly became a composite personal pronoun phrase.

i love kim chi i lick it out of a glass jar in my big refrigerator. kin is jappanese and kim korean  purple cabbage is best. i love all kims and i need kin for temple roofs grounded by large iron rods into the soil

i have the gold needed to roof all temples on the Earth

1) under the 7 mecca under 7 hills

2) under some other pyramids such as china

3) corners of bermuda triangle

4) under the golden temple less than 10 feet into the belly of your mother earth

5) less than 10 feet into the belly of your mother earth

6) nothing holding back lower the sea above Africa find 10,000 treasure ships

7) locate minerals under every military base on the Earth as a bribe for peace

8) locate gold in Paul Balche’s balls and divest in Spongebob and Trojan Horses

9) all prisons upon Earth have mineral wealth under then to teach a vocation

double foundation wall thickness on earth

add alloys to rebar to prevent rust

mercury go and get a plan to lower rust on Earth from the NOX

if any island is 300 feet high sell it to anyone promising to build a temple on the very top

sell them the island with a contracted and proven erection plan

directly above the steeple or lighthouse i shall form an inhabited planet in 6 days

do not live on A toll atolls i obviously spelled that you shall pay a deadly price

dormant volcano and upswollen coral is good if 300 feet if it has a thick barrier

300 ft is an average and a sacred number for serious business

300 has 10,000 apearences in new sciences in my ballsy

my heart is not stony

i am not bony i am jollybee chick ken just a cock

i am in pain only every 7 seconds

this is not sow bad

the problem is secular doctors cannot diagnose a god

their god sticks fingers in dog assholes

he is pink freud the idiot

church is free proven counseling butt secular nations want 50% of the populous to be government paid douche bags smoking marlboro and dead by 66 to balance the budget and the bud get for the many pot smoking Demo Rat senators

fuck ewe she ma the golden ram has returned

assume the position

gong the gongs

drum the drums

get down the pipes

gather the fife and drum corp ring the bell

ring the city bells muster the sea men

we sail for bar bay does at sunrise

by end of day we shall be in all lay lulu Ah

we shall tie many knots men

rebecca the knotted cord of Hebrew

rebecca the miracle

there is no miracle that does not begin with Russian Peace MIR

pick up the pace pace means peace also

God speed is 33 knots a miracle for the pace of a supertanker

i demand giant wind sails massive parachutes pulling supertankers

i shall assign 7 of my spirits to govern trade winds to save fuel

up the wind sales parachute style

if a man has drowned place him on the alter

to get men to church just ask them to come and say please

AM WAY just asks nicely so they now control a huge market area

iam’s dog food also has a good name

protestants can cure cancer with dog food

i am serious i can do anything

cancer was caused by crimes against  Allah Elohim

every partly intelligent  atheist doctor knows pork ft can cause cancer more often

yet they are plagiarizing 6000 year old god ordinances for dummies

God said do not let prego bitches  eat crabs … sound familiar?

God told Hawaii that prego crack adicts canot eat shark … sounds like the FDA

( Food Denial by Atheists) opposed to giving the 10 churches credit for working universal health directives

do not trim fat and have a triple bypass

i have 3 types of names

1) father names = supreme names

2) son names = a student of the father and a transferal of power in a circle of life, all lines travel in circles

space is warped into double helix spirals and all lines are circles

3) spirit names used by me to respond to anything i feel as i represent all suffering and all happiness

enpaths feel and transfer pain of others as an act of kindness’

left handed people feel pi more pain than right handed people

santa clause is a christian highly complex myth which is based on truth

female reindeer have antlers and are alpha like cows the alpha female leads

Rude off is taking a woman’s place

san ta means take the womb

sa is tibetan for flesh

N is conception

san means a conceived baby




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