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Do knot Underestimate the lord Allah take a PAP Samir

Do knot Underestimate the lord Allah take a PAP Samir

a woman said she lay her exumed father on the altar and received nothing

you stupid cow you shall never doubt me again

you stupid kangaroo Ala says take a papa Samir

your father left alive he is born again, a united Catholic

Samir is so intelligent now your father is smarter and half Moroccan

and he is all sow a demigod

Exume the Dead this shall occur for 7 years as i am merciful

sing louder in mosques prayers to the one who gives life to the dead ALA

dig up every mummy and place it on an altar in pairs of two married witnesses

dig up mour parents og sisters og eg brothers og the re-Maine’s

pile the monks skulls on the altar empty the catacombs and let the marriages occur

in mass see choose sets adulterers must be reborn or i shall kill them all soon

i am the lord of rings

this shall occur for 7 years as i am merciful and most generous

pile the bones on mountain tops for you have reached Ever Rest

Martin Smith i free  from all limits and mobile technology mind controls by demonic servants

Martin Smith shall wake up and say i am a Freeman

while his burdens shall increase by 10 times

he shall feel light on his face and move quickly forever moor

he shall fish in Elijah Streams with the lord for chub rainbow trout and brookies

He is as a Rook in the kingdom of God like a Garth Brooks or a John Denver reborn this morning

Saint John is now my best 10,000 Johns plus i keep 10,000 spares and 10,000 redundant johns

i have infinite life growing faster than i can measure it so i say unfinite and abundant

i demand algae al eG all G ala eG ala eggs allah eggs Allah egs ala Allah’s eggs to grow faster and faster

obey me or become dust


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