Psychiatric Doctors Have their own HELL

Psychiatric Doctors Have their own HELL

i am Elohim and i have a problem with Freud the false GOD

he a false God like sow many birth cunt troll add vocates 

stuck his finger in dog and cat assholes while taking notes

this is called Democratic academic reefer reform and research

i shall make psychiatrists spend 1000 years as komono dragon ass mike robes

300 spar tans shall battle them in the colon where Ph id less acidic

300 Cuban rebels won freedom from American diseased peckers in trojans

300 Spanish knights won 7 pyramids and a golden city in less days

i said if ever you steal a pumpkin or kill a panther i shall curse you Aztecs

you stole 1 pumpkin and enslaved 10,000 people for auctions

you killed babies of rapists so i shall free 10,000 slaves

they shall wake up and say ” i am free; i am a freeman “

then i shall place a cross of ma hog Annie on their back 

they shall say ” who has placed a feather of a peacock on my back?”

peacock cannot fly far while pregnant

do not kill egrets or you shall regret it

do not kill eagles or beagles and make steven seagal many moor babies

sea gals are per i wink calls white large snails for the maine coast

scottish women have a crab basket to trim your whiskers

sea gal is a Welsh Scot English sire name of Lords who always find trouble

if i was fucking more i would be cured of bipolar

i shall take trileptal anyways “fuck them all” is absolutely needed

i shall take one now

there fuck u she ma

i shall cunt in ewe easter week

i shall render all women in Calcutta pregnant

i shall make all men in india full even when empty 

any man washing in the river shall be without sins

any woman shall be as clean as snow and pregnant

men shall fast

bulls shall have no hunger

cows shall feed bacteria shall fix nitrogen in the belly

( fern has brought a new process from galaxy sdsfuihguifbhifbgibidfO)

corn shall began fixing nitrogen

corn thus shall grow faster

wheat shall fix nitrogen sccording to thor in manna Tao ba

the queue grain has the 10th final missing protein in the field of saint peter on high

fetch it

many dumb cunts study psychology because they are too dumb to just suck our dick or fuck us on the car hood, while being watched, or in the holiday inn hot tub

healing depression is easy but in alpha males it takes 4 to 900 vagina

blow jobs followed by flattering heals mental patients

butt you prefer finger fucking a dogs ass for 300 dollars per hour

of tax money


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