2 thoughts on “penance-and-peace.jpg

  1. Elohim is a Confirmed Catholic
    Elohim has a Mother Mary who is Catholic
    our father is Protestant a Recess Monkey and a Brahma Bull
    i am becoming him and my blood cannot save mother Mary
    this feed her apricot pits or oil and i shall save her even her flesh
    i am a jew a catholic and a protestant in the line of winners
    stupid liberal lesbian birth cunt trolls i spare because Jupiter enjoys watching
    my religion is LOVE
    fools get bitter when i reach into their chest and pull out the heart
    my love is for children from 0 to 300 years of age
    love is patient love is studious Tibetan monks study for 50 years
    then they say ” i am still not smart, but i shall teach what i do know to new monks
    Gog does not need to be a drug dealer you may kill him for that crime
    cut him in 4 pieces and have and East West North and South Welcomes
    Feed the police dogs human blood they shall benefit and work harder

    Popes all have a Religion of Demigods called LOVE
    LOVE shall be weary when speaking with politicians
    All Vaticans of the 10 great religeons should make candles in vats
    i bless Ivory Soap product and pant teen sham pooh and lotion
    No good pope will blame crimes of men unless celearly unethical
    however in sexuality the husband not the sell the bait priests dick-tate
    A horny man selected by God to be god id like when god has to be altarred
    i fell into a coma and they found me in a pool of blood i had a transfusion
    i had my ribs broke open and hives goose bumps and weeping fits
    i had become Christ at exactly 35 and i told autumn we can do anything

  2. Panance and Peace has began
    Elohim remembers all covenants of himself and all life forms and items with souls
    my penance in 1977 was that i shall plant flowers for my mothers garden
    so finally i made Autumn and 50 fifes pregnant for 51 rose bushes
    i planted all sow 3000 bulbs from Holland drill for 100 oil wells there
    i promised to bring peace to this world and this universe
    peace is in the womb of maria and in 2 million million eggs or fetus in nineva
    i can speak fast i should hace hebrew apprentice
    i need an arabic apprentice
    my temple needs a weight room and a basketball court and jogging course’
    we need resident farmers named King Prince Opollo Prometheus or Greenfield
    we need some farm land around our forbidden city
    no vendors should come closer than pi hectares and no squatters unless i am among them to feed them bread and hear their cries and words
    to bring peace as is my promise since 1977
    i had to cause 13,863 calamities
    i need a sexy Sanskrit Dick Zion Auri with dark skin and a large smile
    i need linguists as nuns of all tongues all tribes all races
    or i shall blow up i am Etna i am under pressure
    i am dangerous in a rutt with my 7 foot wide horns
    alms calm a man’s palms massaging fragrant oils onto beautiful women with the scent of fertility dilated eyes puffy red lips a woman is transformed when ovulating
    An Egyptian shall make a papyrus ship as a gift to Russia and transport it to Moscow
    as a peace offering of 7 sisters as virgin wives and Peace Hostages
    my penis i in olso and saint peters it was stolen from
    possessing stolen property is reserved for ombudsman
    or constables of in locked vaults in the Valley of kings dig deeper
    return my penis
    move Washington DC icons up to Franklin i placed you a solid mountain there for naking a platform for a reactor or 3 reactors as a super plant with duel redundant systems
    you shall strike valuable minerals there as you dig
    dig tunnels such as secure deep water control and storage
    as i built 7 sunken hidden lakes under cities with secret legions
    so you shall hog out fill for straight narrow reserves of water
    you shall divert mountain streams into tunnels your water shall be gravity fed
    wind mills shall adorn the new capital to keep the National Temple lighted
    otherwise i shall allow 40 cells to explode dirty bombs
    the meek shall inherit the earth
    i shall inherit the universes for i am NOT meek unless if increases my prophets

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