Emmanuel has All State in sure ants and is Progressive

Emmanuel has All State in sure  ants and is Progressive

em man ewe el is the last man so i shall tag my new kids with a red spot on the head

this is optional once a year

in the center

minister you spit hatred when i was sitting in your car

you said we need to kill all blacks and gays

how does the coffin fit oh we broke your legs … fits well

i sent a man to steal your stone for an outhouse support

i am erasing your name as i love you so your bones already is a dog fish

if i pluralize a single word keep in mind dream weaver software is an odd freak went see

medusa has 50 mutant snakehead invasions her roots are in Miss Isis Sip Pee

Isis was a bisexual fertility god for she obeyed the Aug US teen Demigod RA and Roger

Roger was a Rabbit you forgot about him so i made holy wood do a movie

later Augustus was Roger and then he became Aug US Teens in Aug us Take us 

pull our hair Aug us take us is the Augusta battle cry we were attacked once by

whoopie pie enthusiasts it became an annual event ANN means every all or one or best

Dove her fox croft is a way of life when we invite over a fox we sniff her crotch

Dove her fox croft is a motto a creed to us it is just a tip pickle day or pastime

Fox dig holes and we aug US teen foxes we are the Great Augustine Eagles

Maine long ago had a Mass see choose sets master named Elohim Roger Rabbi-T

Roger said ” fuck this shit Maine is not even attached to all the Mass Hole pure rit tens”

all the pure RA tens then burned a witch in a furious gang bang 

A sa ka Ra let let her suck them all as they fill up the tank with seed leaded gas o lean

gas o lean is for doggy style ( Burma Style )

burning witches was of 2 types if she was old a fire to ashes

if she was young a fire of passion and fucking

this can only be while ovulating

this is progressive in sure ants

protest ants get a lot of abuse but they broke a contract

but now Jimmy has seed as valuable as pewter with gold han dolls

i shall offer a cure for luke key me Ah

fuck luke my cousin

or suck his cock and swallow it

children can eat capsules of his shit

mix it 50/50 with diatoms or tums formula

mix it 50/50 with role AIDS as a cure for tough cancer or luke key me Ah

All ah you can be free of luke key me Ai if you obey me your Christ

lukes shit can be capsulated

luke key me ai is caused by 4 generations mocking God the one God

this is automatic so do not flatter yourself you conceited mutant mushroom 

if anyone enters my temple dead he shall leave alive

but there must be a presence of enemies vowing peace

if they are sincere hearts shall be softened and brothers will be strong again

i worked for jack sin seer we wipe out trees all his brothers died

he quit school in 8th grade and is proof adulthood begins at puberty so he is a mill lion heir

he had a long barrel piss tall and his wife always wanted it cocked and loaded

jack Sin Seer steals hard to get women for me

jack Clue Key is the dove her fox croft manna german

if you are dumb jack can provide clues in Treasure Hunts

jack in the BOX is a new Galactic pilot i discovered using an XBOX System

his name is Jack

jack also works at VIP he does lube jobs to any bitch with a corvette

i have 50 states AllState in sure ants but i may plague boring white inbreds

we need some krackens like German Germans who are their uncles father

but we do not need so many thank God mustard gas is easy to make

we need some factory workers so plan on it

start now douche bags

i just planted 2 jackfruits and 3 papaya

if every man in fill lip penis planted 1 papaya per day

we can buy dole and gall it Saint Maria’s Papaya

let all man begin typo changing D to any other letter by word perfect auto pilot

increase milk thistle

there is no need to gather all people for my seder 

just surround me and lay alms on my feet in privacy i alone can have privacy

if you bug my room i shall lift up the locusts







2 thoughts on “Emmanuel has All State in sure ants and is Progressive

  1. i offer bone marrow and blood gifts
    consult me where to take it
    i have 10,000 O Positive angels around me for bone marrow
    also we have a new super X Chromosome
    take it now for it will help me survive
    mother mary i shall make deage deeage and deeeage t deeeeeeage
    she shall grow younger so can give bone marrow and blood
    Apollo and Jesus make it so we i am

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