Elohim mentions th 50 top diseases

Cancer see ann see her she has immunity

cancer is caused by evil not sins but serve i call cancer is caused by mocking my call

cancer is to be devoured by fire

cancer is a form of hell

secular scientists lacking faith in god cannot cure cancer

in fact they deists all have cancer in 7 seconds

you dare argue with me

all masons shall have colon and prostate cancer in 7 seconds

all black moles are malignant in 7 seconds

leviticus has 7 cures for cancer

the shit of Quay Love and his clan is a cure capsulate with role AIDS

the shit of the nurse called Autumn love Joy her shit is a cure of cancer

add 50/50 to roll Aids

the lovely family has healing cancer shit too

Cardinals of the Vatican have cancer healing shit 

Priests have cancer healing shit on all of the Worth

in heaven or Worth the shit of love cures cancer

any woman named Mahal has shit that cures cancer

the shit of a white elephant mixed with herbs can cure cancer

the shit of a white dolphin or a white sperm whale or katonka

the shit of the albino allah gait tore allagator cures cancer

cigar ill lee huss helps cure brain lesions in elders

jona was not in a whale it was a sperm bath of fish a cum shower

whales have fucking fish take a sperm bath Vegas girls try both



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