Elohim is having scroll trouble with word press

i lost many posts and the activity writing space is too slow and small

fond size cant be raised

i need 3 screens 

a left screen for research shots and flow or quarks at highest resolution

a center screen with a new keyboard having advanced math 

a large big screen in center

7 TV above all with news on and ticker tapes

a right screen for bible verse which responds to anything i type with suggestions

i need a Strongs Concordance of not 1 but of 101 holy scriptures from the 10 churches

i want duel writing/oral dictionary listing the meanings of sounds and words in 505 tongues

i shall double distant galaxies and tey shal began t appear to ark key allah just men now

i planned to be here so i built 1234567654321 pulse stars and created a way to make more

i can lower the age of polite tush shuns if a senator comes to make a covenant

if any old man becomes young i demand him to fuck young German maids with gusto

he should sip espresso in a moroccan cafe in france then tip the waitress with his dick

dick means fat we keep fat in our dick head fat men are the shame of idle women

i bless crusty italian bread with pesto and beast Roe is for 18 year old women


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