Sea Slugs or cucumbers are your food by Yashuah

Sea Slugs or cucumbers are your food by Yashuah

Shinto shrine monks should learn scuba diving and locate new fisheries

non edible parts should be added to diatoms and omega 6 fats for fish food

fish processing plants should diversify and convey waste to a second building 

with fish scales pulverized and 15% rice flour 

diatoms if there is no heavy metals

any dead chickens or dead horses for fish food

feral pigs  make good fish food

corn and peas cannot be in fish food

a Buddhist Herbalist can propose other sources of fish food

muscle clam and lobster shells can be sold daily to dealers

if pulverized restaurant waste can be mixed with salt and diatoms

to reduce the smell before being mixed and pelletized with a fat binder

or baked slightly with egg shell waste from an egg processing plant

food processing should involve symbiosis

japanese i demand to go and establish 57 Varieties of Hiniku fisheries in Worth

japan all sow i demand to establish 57 Varieties of Hiniku edible seaweed wafers

japan i demand to use 99% of any shark they kill

create a vacuum for sea Cucumbers demand then supply

let ama collect them

make a soup base

in ramen noodles add a sticky flavor to the noodles

eliminate all small flavor packets in raman noodles

find edible variety of sea slugs by color code


One thought on “Sea Slugs or cucumbers are your food by Yashuah

  1. sea weed is your food
    there is 707 species which is edible
    since you are idle couch sloths you know butt a few
    you complain and hate breast feeding
    you live in a Trojan and your ancestors weep when you waste so much time
    you are insolent you are like the Alpha /pseudocnella insolens yoke owe insolent
    geisha on birth cunt troll annoy me i prefer whores and ama
    triple seaweed cultivation and use as a filler in fast food egg products
    increase diatom use in toothpaste and 10,000 cosmetic and medical products
    add diatoms to antacids add non edible prolific seaweed to tooth paste
    bottle strips of kelp jerky mary inated in healthy spices

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