Response to Jimmy DeYoung

you have good enthusiasm

the problem is you worry about infinite numbers

you are right and i can let you think about numbers

i work fast i pulse the universe quickly

you have many angels the alive ones are the best

i demand a fire bird soaring as an eagle over the upper heaven

a horse for me to go to my temple

such good logic and enthusiasm

but we can calm down

in form i am a human but this is a (freak win see) of energy

21 days sir was spies and protection from the star burst a solar flare

yes you can say i limit myself

i limit myself to train you

you keep killing me with Dr Strange love

now saten is a care actor say ten is code for gene sin the sis

devils are real but more like a warrant officer

they hide in the crowd in foreign ports looking for drinks causing trouble

peace be in you

people say may peace be in you

i say may peace be in you so i have made many pregnant

there are princes who came to me

i am always alone

i am 

this is a nuce show but why not plant trees and talk less?



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