Morocco stands alone and this is called Being Right

Morocco stands alone and this is called Being Right

africa shall send 105 single and double rail lines to morocco the cause way

gibraltar must be damned and desalination plants numbering 35

10,000 lesser dams i can exaxt the locations

lower sea 101 feet

rock cut canal locks in morocco and 35 dry docks

rock cut north england and spain canal

spain must mine increase tunnels to portugal

mine all old mines 10 more feet

penetrate all holes you abandoned for you are idle 

mine guarda

rock cut massive storm drains and water pump stations that are nuclear plants on solid rock

reroute river nile into red sea

make ramses canal it is an unfinished contract

mine dead sea for 151 years quickly then tunnel a drain and fill it with the israeli water

many minerals lay under dead sea salt stop being idle

in turkey build 5 locks in two canals and build some covered dry docks for making great arks for 2265 and mind Noah the queen of Mind a Noah is my cook so sweet

turks need to come and take away 7007 mind a noah virgin brides they are beautiful fragrant and clean the house like a butterfly often she sings and i feel sorrowful happiness

two dams in the outlet from black sea

melt down black sea fleet for the canal gates and let russia do the engineering

raise the black sea pi feet

raise the center passage pi feet

increase all draft allowance pi feet

invented retractable keels for large ships for canal passage

increase fish farming omega 6 fat feed to fish


2 thoughts on “Morocco stands alone and this is called Being Right

  1. MAXX Noah report to me with your sons and grandsons
    i demand the Army Engineers to prepare to evacuate 35 billion people in 2265 or before
    NOAH i am calling you back into active duty in the kingdom of god
    i demand 100,000 ARKS i free you from other bonds
    your job is to improve water travel your assistant is Neptune and his sons
    Apollo is your doctor and Dr Wise Man can check your heart
    your mission shall scan 14 generations i was married at the MAXX Chicken House
    Not all my cocks could make it

  2. spain england and morocco shall become trade super powers if you stop etna from exploding, i award Western ” Sahara ” to Morocco if any nation argues one time i shall cut out 1 man’s tongue. if 2 men thinking i am not alive argue and plot against me i shall use sids and kill 10,000 babies who are arguing with me their god for 7000 years. if anyone discusses my perfect ruling i shall give him colon polyps. if any man angers allah
    who is listening i shall award tape worms., ring worms, lung worms, and radiate them anytime they burn their enemies flags. love your enemies less i let them enema you.
    i am the judge and Western Union is mine and Western Morocco is the property of the two sultans Aziz and Samir of Morocco who delivered pizza at the dome when not doing Engineering physics

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