Josanna explained by Christ Father Wesley

Josanna explained by Christ Father Wesley

after i make nineva i shall make some sons

if ever a famine comes my children shall nurse under thorns

as man becomes dust

joes shall marry hannah ana annah Shriners are all joes

women pregnant but unwed are hannah

the true Que’ran just like the Bible says joes (knights of Arabia or anywhere)

they “shackled = shack led = took as wives” Joseph plus ann’s = josanna

lions have 4 wives to 20 to 72

horses have 1 to 4 to 300 to 900

dr sus is a horse

jesus and pegasus sustain herds of 300

i shall reveal the identity of the Spartans

each was be gott ten they are spartens

God shot the spartans from his cock his name was Pegasus a SUS

pegasus is a white dove horse he can love 1 maria or 900 mares

i can make my own security guard of 300 sons Spartens spurt from excaliber

i shall hire men to beat them in training 

if a man refuses to be a warrior spartan ha can be a medic and dress wounds

if a man is good at archery he may become a king

if any nation has no king i shall provide one or they shall be given to time

time devours nations who refuse me anything

josanna is me i have returned for my bride she is pregnant

so i am free to gather the spartans again




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